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Love the interior of the store.

PHOTOS: Disney Character Warehouse – July Merch!

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Among other things I like to do to beat the Disney blues, merchandise browsing is really high up there on the list. And for those of us saving up for a trip or merely on a budget, finding that Figment mug you’ve been eyeing since Food and Wine for $6.99 can cause unprecedented levels of happiness. Enter Disney Character Warehouse, a Disney-owned outlet store with tons of merchandise coming in from ALL the parks. Here, you can find stuff from Shanghai Disney Resort, Walt Disney Resort, and even Disney Cruise Line merch from its themed Marvel and Star Wars Day at Sea itineraries. The best part? Most everything is marked down! That means you can have your haul and still afford a fancy cupcake on your next trip. [Stacy voice] Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s browse!

disney character warehouse

There are three Disney Character Warehouse locations in Florida. Two in Orlando, and one in Sunrise. These photos were taken at the Sunrise location on a crowded Saturday afternoon. I was greeted by a swarm of plushies.

file 1
Flower and Garden Minnie Plush – $7.99
file 2
Googly-Eyed Mickey Plush – $12.99

In case you’re still not over the Tsum Tsum trend, which I will likely never be:

file 3
Tsum Tsums – $0.99 [insert Star Wars prequel meme here]
I may or may not have squealed at these super cute hair ties and clips from Shanghai Disney Resort:

file 9
Hair clips/ties – $0.99 to $1.99

More Shanghai Disney stuff. I thought I was over the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise until I saw Donald as Will Turner.

file 6
Shanghai Disney Resort Pirates of the Caribbean figures – $3.99!

Adorable Woody kites are adorable.

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file 7
Woody Kites! – $2.99

I would have gotten this case if I weren’t still stuck with a hand-me-down 5s. Great price for a Vera Bradley piece, especially when considering that “generic” Disney-branded phone cases usually start at $30.

file 8
Vera Bradley Cheshire Cat iPhone 7 case – $9.99

Needed this faux leather messenger bag, also from Shanghai.

file 10
Shanghai Disney Faux Leather Purse – $14.99

Not popcorn buckets, but these little ceramic aliens would make a cute addition to coffee nooks as sugar/sweetener holders or as general interplanetary decor.

file 12
Alien Ceramic Containers – $7.99

The kitchen/home goods area (I use the term loosely as the store does not have clearly marked sections) is easily my favorite. So many neat finds here.

file 13
Twenty Eight & Main Coaster Set – $4.99 (Kungaloosh!)
file 14
Haunted Mansion Dinner Plate – $14.99
file 16
Flower and Garden Figment Mug – $6.99
file 17
Grand Floridian Mug – $5.99
file 18
Assorted Lithographs – $19.99

It’s always worth checking out what they have in the glass curios by the registers. This time, I found a selection of deeply discounted Alex and Ani bracelets (for $17.99!) as well as the Enchanted Tiki Room Pops everyone’s been going crazy for (at regular price, though).

file 15
Enchanted Tiki Room Funko Pop set was full price. [sad boop]
In case you’re curious, here’s my little Warehouse haul! From Shanghai Disney Resort: that Woody kite, faux leather bag, a set of hair ties to further confuse people about my age, and a set of mini notepads featuring Buzz Lightyear and friends. From the US parks, a mint green mug with gold geometric accents and mickey shapes. (Modern and subtle!) I also impulse-bought a Beauty and the Beast Wonderground postcard. For now, buying Shanghai Disney merch is the closest I’ll ever get to that park, but having a Disney Character Warehouse location to buy these things (without the need for a flight ticket) is amazing. I pretty much got all this for under $30 and I was able to use my Disney Rewards Redemption card to pay for it, which makes it technically free, right?

file 20

file 19
Love the store interior. It feels like the happy medium between the new and old World of Disney design. Happy warehousing!