PHOTOS: Mystery Apparatus Added to DINOSAUR Vehicle at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

On a visit to Animal Kingdom’s Dinosaur, our own Nathan Hartman recently noticed something new in the attraction…

On the back of one of the EMV ride vehicles, a mysterious rig was set up with three devices attached, all pointing down towards the guests. Only one of the vehicles was sporting this strange set up. We did ask what the devices were for, however the Cast Members responded that it would “shock you if you were not acting good”, which was of no help. Unless they were testing a new behavioral system for the parks, which is highly unlikely.

A close up of the devices show what appears to be a camera with two reflective type symbols on the left and right. It’s currently unclear what these devices are being used for, as there does not appear to be any changes or updates to the ride, story, or show scenes. It could be to create a ride video for guests, but that would be awfully strange from behind.

When we have more information, make sure to keep an eye here on WDWNT for all of the details and updates.