REVIEW: Hei Hei Dole Whip Cone Sails Into Aloha Isle in the Magic Kingdom

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In a world of Princess-themed cupcakes, be a Moana Dole Whip cone. The latest Dole Whip to hit Aloha Isle in the Magic Kingdom is themed to Hei Hei, Moana’s quirky, dim-witted rooster friend. While we got a sneak peek of this and two other character cones earlier this week, we were at the Magic Kingdom bright and early this morning to try out the new treat.

The treat is on display at the menu board.

“Hi, yes, can I have the cone with the googly eyes?”

As always, soft serve is no match for Florida heat.

Disney describes the Hei Hei Cone as a Blue Cone filled with a layer of Pineapple Dole Whip, Raspberry Soft-serve, Sugar-Piece Eyes and a Sour Candy ‘Comb’. The cone costs $5.29.

The raspberry soft serve was really good and refreshing and worked well with the Dole Whip.

The sour belt was really sour, but added a different flavor to the cone. The eyes were 100% sugar, but actually worked well with the raspberry flavor of the cone. While Dole Whip is incorporated into the cone, it’s a good alternative with different flavors if you’re not in the mood for a full, pineapple-only Dole Whip.

Overall, while this is a hot and melty mess, we’d still recommend it for a refreshing treat (or breakfast, as it was for us this morning.) Will you be wayfinding your way over to Aloha Isle for the Hei Hei cone?

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