Leaked Construction Images from Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Shows All-New TIE Echelon Starfighter

While we now know many more details about Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge lands on both coasts, one thing is for certain amongst all the construction photo reports, and it’s the ever-increasing presence of new ships all over Black Spire Outpost.

Walking through Galaxy’s Edge, you’ll spot a kind of TIE fighter never previously seen: the TIE Echelon — a variant of TIE fighter used by the First Order. It contains elements from Kylo Ren’s Command Shuttle, as well as his personal TIE fighter, the TIE Silencer.

Leaked images by reddit user u/xsection give us a closer look at the TIE Echelon starfighter:

Image Credit: u/xsection (Reddit)

The TIE Echelon marks the entrance to First Order Cargo, a temporary storage dock located near the market. First Order Cargo gives interstellar tourists a chance to pledge their loyalty to the First Order by purchasing caps, gear, model ships, pins, and more.