Marvel News Mash-Up (“Avengers: Endgame”, “Black Widow”, Sideshow Hulk and Wolverine)

Joe Hogarty

Marvel News Mash-Up (“Avengers: Endgame”, “Black Widow”, Sideshow Hulk and Wolverine)

Joe Hogarty

Marvel News Mash-Up (“Avengers: Endgame”, “Black Widow”, Sideshow Hulk and Wolverine)

Marvel News Mash-Up


New “Avengers: Endgame” TV Spot Has Some Old And Some New


This “Honor” TV Spot for “Avengers: Endgame” has a lot of footage from the most recent trailer, but it also adds a really nice Captain America voice-over and some new flashback scenes, and even more “red” mixed in with the black and white footage. What is with that red? Any ideas? “Avengers: Endgame” opens April 26th.

Source: Marvel Entertainment

Robert Downey Jr. And Chris Evans Have Some Marvel Twitter Fun

tony downey chris evans cap

The wounds from “Civil War” may still have not healed between Captain America and Iron Man, but apparently they still haven’t healed either for Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. Check out the fun the two exchanged recently on Twitter:



Source: Robert Downey Jr

Marvel Looking At Emma Watson To Join The Cast Of “Black Widow”


Emma Watson (“Harry Potter”) is the top contender right now to play a female lead in the upcoming “Black Widow” movie. It’s not sure who the character is that they are looking for Watson to play, or if it is a brand new character, but whoever it is will need to be more than a match against the likes of Black Widow. Then again, we don’t know if she will be an enemy or an ally.

From That Hash Tag Show:

Marvel Studios is now actively casting for its solo Black Widow film ahead of a scheduled June start to production and casting director Sarah Finn and company have begun to narrow down the lists of candidates for several roles. Chief among those roles is a second female lead, which we originally described here as a “kick ass female Bond”, for which the studio is said to be seeking an actress capable of a physically demanding role who also “feels similar” to star Scarlet Johansson.

Headlining the list is actress Emma Watson. Best known for her role as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter franchise, Watson starred as Belle in Disney’s 2017 live-action version of Beauty and the Beast and recently wrapped filming on Little Women. We are told that the idea of Watson landing the role is gaining momentum and that her name is prominent in discussions between director Cate Shortland, Brad Winderbaum and Kevin Feige.

Source: That Hashtag Show

Marvel Villain “Taskmaster” Rumored To Be The Villain In “Black Widow”


Just a rumor for now, but it seems that the classic Marvel villain, Taskmaster, may square off against Black Widow in her upcoming solo movie.

From MovieWeb:

Taskmaster will reportedly be the main villain in Marvel Studios’ upcoming Black Widow. Scarlett Johansson is finally getting her own standalone Marvel Cinematic Universe movie and details are slowly starting to gather before the presumed production starts this June. Ever since the movie was announced, MCU fans have been trying to figure out who the main antagonist will be. Now, it looks like the mystery might have been solved and Marvel Comics fans should be pretty happy.

3206155 initiative03201

So, who is Taskmaster? He might not be as well-known as Doctor Doom or Thanos, but Taskmaster has always been an interesting villain and more than a match against any superhero he has came up against, and he has tangled with a lot of them.

250px Cover of Avengers 196

The Taskmaster first appeared in Avengers #195 and was written by David Michelinie and artist George Perez. Taskmaster, whose alias is Tony Masters, possesses the power to duplicate anyone’s abilities to perfection. This power is referred to as photographic reflexes.

1165399 2caps 2

As I had mentioned before, he really has come up against some of Marvel’s greatest superheroes, such as The Avengers, Deadpool, Spider-Man, Daredevil and the Fantastic Four. Looks like Black Widow may be on his list next!


New International Poster For “Avengers: Endgame”


This new poster for “Avengers: Endgame” is from China and shows our heroes and what may be the Quantum Realm, or they may even be in the cosmos. Thanos seems to hover in the background. Only thing I know for sure is China seems to be lucky enough to see this movie 2 days before we do!

SideShow Collectible Corner

hulk and wolverine marvel feature

“Hulk And Wolverine” Maquette

Now that Wolverine has come home to the MCU, we really need to see this story on the big screen. It all happened back in The Incredible Hulk #181 with the very first appearance of Wolverine! Just take my money now if a cinematic version of this scene is announced one day!

hulk and wolverine marvel gallery 5c4da7e8b20fa

There have been many amazing dueling duos in history, but few could possibly be as Earth-shatteringly matched as that of Hulk and Wolverine.

hulk and wolverine marvel gallery 5c4da7f3ac5aa

Sideshow’s Hulk and Wolverine Maquette is an amazing 3D recreation of not only the pair’s first meeting, but of Wolverine’s introduction to the world. Captured in stunning detail, the maquette has these two brawlers locked in eternal combat. Wolverine is flying through the air while Hulk prepares to take a swing that might just end the fight.

hulk and wolverine marvel gallery 5c4da82b110ef

Crafted in high-quality polystone, the Hulk and Wolverine Maquette is an impressive 23” tall. Marvel collectors won’t want to miss Sideshow’s latest dynamic diorama with this Hulk and Wolverine Maquette.

Source: SideShow

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