PHOTO REPORT: Animal Kingdom 3/26/19 (Otter Grotto Update, New Tiger Cupcake, Pandora Water Creatures, Kali’s Back, and More!)

Jambo! During a recent trip around Disney’s Animal Kingdom, we noticed a few new enhancements and offerings. Let’s take a look!

Otter Exhibit

The Otter Grotto (Presented by OtterBox) is still under construction. They are building some sort of housing for the otters, presumably as a place for them to go when the park is closed.

The structure is difficult to see behind the plants, but you can make out some of the brick work as well as some of the roofing.

New Paths

A small sliver of walkway across from the UP! A Great Bird Adventure Show building is now blocked off. There are planters spanning a large portion of the walkway into that section of the park, coming from Discovery Island.

Kali River Rapids Refurbishment

Kali River Rapids closed for its annual refurbishment period during the winter months back in January, but it’s back and ready to welcome (and soak) the eager Spring Break crowds!


The bioluminescent walkways continue to be repainted around the land. This section has been fenced off for almost a week now.

Great news! Yet another one of the water creatures has returned! Both of them look to be in much better shape, however, only one squirts water. We are eagerly awaiting the return of the third and final water creature to this area. Unfortunately, the other bugs on the shore are still in pretty rough shape.

A new to me sighting, this Pandora Conservation Initiative member was teaching travelers about the Flaska Reclinata plant and what it does.

After being broken for quite a while, the plant is finally back to operating and shooting water!


This neat new Tiger Cupcake offering was spotted at Restaurantosaurus. It is $5.99 and features orange cream cheese buttercream. I wasn’t adventurous enough to try this one, though.

Finally, in Chester and Hester’s Dinosaur Treasures, i spotted this cute Easter display featuring the Mickey Easter Plush, Easter themed rice crispy treats, and some interesting easter egg looking rocks for sale.

That about wraps it up for today’s Animal Kingdom update! Be sure to check back for more photo reports and the most recent updates on all ongoing park projects!

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