PHOTO REPORT: Hollywood Studios 3/25/19 (Construction, Limited Edition Pins, and The Case of The Missing Sci-Fi Car)

It’s Spring Break! Let’s go to Disney’s Hollywood Studios, seeing as that seems to be where the action is these days.

Some new pins have been released. I like this “Pop-Up Books” set. This is the third one in the series so far.

There’s also a limited edition “Spring” pin featuring characters from Fantasia. Interestingly, the section of that film that uses “The Rite of Spring” as its music isn’t the one with the Pegasus, it’s the one with the dinosaurs…

The Fantasmic! sign is turned off again! I thought we’d moved beyond this, Disney, come on.

Also suspiciously missing is the car outside the Sci-Fi Dine-In Restaurant. It was gone for a while last year for refurbishment, but I can’t imagine it already needs another paint job. We’ll keep an eye out for it.

I noticed they roped off this area around the Chinese Theatre again. Not sure why, there’s not really anything you can get at back there in the old queue.

It’s now just one fewer shaded place in the park I can hang out in.

Lines, Lines, Lines

Speaking of ropes, they have the extended queue set up for Tower of Terror. The attraction is operating at half capacity while they refurbish it in phases.

They hadn’t filled the line yet, but later in the day it might be necessary.

Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster is running at regular capacity, and yet the standby line was out the door. It’s a popular attraction amongst the Spring Break crowd.

They’re even anticipating crowds at the ABC Commissary. I don’t know if they’ll need it, but I always appreciate it when there’s order instead of chaos.


They’ve started covering the plywood on the new security bag check. This is the next step before they put the siding on and finish it up.

These new walkways and such will be a welcome change to the maze of construction walls we’ve had for months.

New landscaping is always a plus, as well.

They’ve also finally started paving the actual tram path. It’s all downhill from here, so to speak.

They’re finishing installing the toppers on the Skyliner station. These help tie the building in thematically with the entrance of the park.

That’s all from me for today. Check back for more updates from Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

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