PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 3/18/19 (Assorted Construction, Tomorrowland Speedway Update, Adorable Baby Ducks, ETC.)

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On a lovely Spring day, there’s nothing I love more than hanging out in the parks. Today at Magic Kingdom, we found lots of little interesting tidbits to share.

Construction Outside the Park

First of all, at the TTC, just next to the ferry boat dock, is this little construction project. There have been walls here for maybe two months now, but there wasn’t ever any visible work going on. Today, it finally went vertical with the addition of this steel frame.

This mystery project outside the berm is also moving along. Really not sure what this is for. It could just be a retaining wall of some sort.

Inside the Park

Inside the park, preparations are underway to drain the moat so they can expand the western walkway behind Cinderella Castle.

They even went ahead and turned off the Tomorrowland waterfall. Hopefully the moat won’t be empty for too long.

Not much progress on the stairs at Pinocchio’s Village Haus.

The concrete replacement continues in Adventureland. Captain Jack Sparrow was ousted from his normal meeting spot because of it.

Mickey is still missing from the top of PhilharMagic.

They’re also doing some work on the flags and banners. They needed a good touch-up.

Tomorrowland Speedway

Over at the Tomorrowland Speedway, which has been under refurbishment most of the year, they’re doing some work on the queue and the surrounding area.

A fresh coat of paint is always welcome.

The first turn of the track had some work done on the barrier between it and the pathway that will lead to the new Tron coaster.

At first, I assumed they were going to widen the path, but they actually just laid new concrete for the old wall.

The Cast Member access stairs are coming along as well. It looks like it might actually just be a ramp this time, which is an interesting change.

They’re also taking this time to replace the speakers along the side of the track.


St. Patrick’s Day came and went, but you can still commemorate it with… a drawing of Mickey Mouse as a leprechaun.

The Briar Patch had these cute Bambi drawings out for Spring time, as well.

They also had displayed some children’s Country Bear coloring sheets. Adorable!

Speaking of adorable spring time things, look at these ducks! It’s not Spring at Magic Kingdom without a mother duck and her babies.

I ran into Peter Pan briefly behind Cinderella Castle. Sometimes you can catch him in between scheduled meet and greet times.

He was looking for Tinker Bell. I told him she probably wouldn’t be up on the castle until later in the evening, but he wanted to look to make sure.

That’s it from Magic Kingdom for today! Tune in next time for the latest Magic Kingdom photo report!

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