PHOTOS, VIDEO: New Expanded Bus Loops Open at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

We’ve been closely following the progress of the new bus loops at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and are pleased to announce that they are officially open today and welcoming their first set of guests.

They’ve been direly needed after months of cramped, makeshift bus dropoff/pickup areas at the park, and we’re sure guests appreciate the new, shaded structures, complete with backlit signs and stainless steel fans to keep things cool.

The new bus loops feature signature teal paint along art deco grooves, as well as the park’s classic font type and red flags.

There are four bus loop structures, numbered Gates 1-8, Gates 9-18, Gates 19-30, and Gates 31-40.

(Here you can see all of the gates in relation to the park, with the upcoming Skyliner station all the way to the left, and the Hollywood Tower Hotel in the distance.)

Gates offer pickup/dropoff points for all Walt Disney Resorts, as well as Disney Springs (available after 4:00 PM) and Park-to-Park transportation.

Gate numbers for resorts will be assigned as the morning progresses.

The old temporary bus loop is now the pickup/dropoff area for charter buses, located at the edge of the last bus loop.

If you need to use the restroom, buy a snack, or top off your water bottle, a set of new restrooms is available at the start of the bus loops, by Gates 1-8.

Want an even more in-depth look at the new bus loop area? Get a better feel for the layout in this video walkthrough of the area:

What do you think of these new bus loops? There’s no denying they’re an improvement from their most recent iteration, and we’re happy that our favorite park is getting some much-needed love in anticipation of its 30th anniversary. It’d be interesting to see these get even more enhancements in time, like bus wait times and more, but only time will tell.

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