PHOTOS: New Open Edition Wall-E MagicBand 2 Spotted at Big Top Souvenirs in the Magic Kingdom

Put on your Sunday clothes, there’s a new MagicBand out there! There’s a new MagicBand 2 out at Walt Disney World featuring Wall-E and M-O (the Microbe-Obliterator), the fastidious cleaning robot.

Wall-E steals the show in this band, but if you look closely, he’s leaving his trademark dirt tracks. The Wall-E logo graces the top of the band.

And here’s his reluctant friend M-O, cleaning up yet another mess. After all, he is somewhat of a neat freak.

M-O’s name is at the bottom of the Mickey puck… followed by even more dirt tracks.

The subdued grey color makes this band a great option for anyone.

We found the MagicBand at Big Top Souvenirs for $24.99, and it should be on shopDisney soon. Since it is an open-edition band, expect to find it at many other shops across Walt Disney World soon. Will you be adding it to your MagicBand collection soon?