REVIEW: Black Bean Chips with Mango Sriracha Hummus Adds Some Spice to Magic Kingdom

As I was walking through Adventureland today, I decided to stop by Tortuga Tavern (current home of the wonderful Pepper Jack Pretzel), and I stumbled across a new menu item! Those crafty pirates in the galley have added “Black Bean Chips” to the Tavern’s repertoire.

The chips come with your choice of hummus as a dip. Being that this is Adventureland, I decided against my natural inclination for traditional hummus and decided to be adventurous. Mango Sriracha Hummus it is, then!

Black Bean Chips and Hummus – $5.49

Black Bean Chips and Hummus ($5.49)

After what was an uncomfortably long wait considering I only ordered chips, this is what I got. Not much to look at, right? Looks can be deceiving, though. These chips are really quite good! The chips themselves weren’t served warm, but were definitely fresh. They have a nice saltiness to them, and just the right amount of crunch. I’ve eaten a lot of mediocre corn chips, but these aren’t that at all.

The hummus wasn’t what I was expecting. It was served chilled, and was surprisingly subtle. The hummus flavor is the first thing you taste, followed by the mango, which adds a nice sweetness to it. The sriracha flavor is only there to add a hint of heat, which thankfully does not linger.

They also offer a “Pineapple Jalapeno” hummus, or traditional hummus if you’re not up for spicy.

Overall, I was really impressed by these chips. The chips could stand on their own, but the hummus really adds an extra kick. They may not look that great, but as either a snack or a side for your meal, you can’t really go wrong with these. My only real complaint is that I didn’t get enough chips! But really, when do you ever get enough chips?

These are available at the Tortuga Tavern in Magic Kingdom (right across from Pirates of the Caribbean), and are $5.49.

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