PHOTO REPORT: Epcot 3/4/19 (Flower & Garden Preparations, Construction Updates, Purple Martins, and More!)


PHOTO REPORT: Epcot 3/4/19 (Flower & Garden Preparations, Construction Updates, Purple Martins, and More!)


PHOTO REPORT: Epcot 3/4/19 (Flower & Garden Preparations, Construction Updates, Purple Martins, and More!)

It’s almost time for yet another Epcot festival! Preparations are underway across the park for the 2019 Flower and Garden Festival, which starts this Wednesday, March 6th. Let’s take a look around the park and see what’s new.

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This one of the few times of year there’s no display in this front planter. That might change with the upcoming Epcot entrance re-design, but I’ll enjoy the simplicity while it lasts.

Flower & Garden Preparations

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They’ve started installing the topiaries for the festival. You can see the whole lineup of what we found right here.

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It takes a lot of work and water to make these flowers look this good.

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You can see the butterfly tent has already gone up near Club Cool. That’s always one of my favorite parts of the festival.

epcotfg2 26 19 12

This booth has been sitting here behind scrim since the Food and Wine Festival ended. I’m glad they’re finally going to use it again.

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Nearby, work is started in earnest at installing the playground that occupies this space every year. It’s usually a hit with the kids.

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The paint-by-numbers wall is still up. The last one they did was Figment with several flowers. It’s exceedingly appropriate for the upcoming festival.

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One of the great things about Spring in Walt Disney World is the return of the Purple Martins. These birds roost here part of the year, and spend the other part in Brazil. You can hear Cast Members talking about them near their bird houses in Future World East.

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Signage for the new booths have started going up, as well. There are lots of good food options this year.

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They have the schedule for the expanded Garden Rocks concert series posted near the America Gardens Theater.

Construction Round-Up

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We told you about the entrance awning going up for the new restaurant in Japan, and they’ve made a bit more progress since then.

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epcotfg2 26 19 22

Looks like the front wall is being installed. I’m very curious to see what this will look like.

epcotfg2 26 19 15

The upcoming space-themed restaurant near Mission Space is coming along nicely, too. The outer wall is slowly climbing towards the sky.

epcotfg2 26 19 28

Work feels very slow on the Guardians of the Galaxy coaster that’s replacing Ellen’s Energy Adventure. It’s quite a large project, and most of it is taking place inside the show building.

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epcotfg2 26 19 25

Here’s a good view of that one piece of track we can see. Looks like they might be close to adding another piece here.

epcotfg2 26 19 18

Mystery walls at The American Adventure! Probably nothing major, but I always keep my eyes on this kind of stuff.

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They have re-themed the playground in Future World East from Wreck-it Ralph to Toy Story 4. It looks nice!

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epcotfg2 26 19 2 1
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That’s it from Epcot for today! Keep your eyes open for all of our 2019 Flower and Garden Festival updates.