PHOTOS: New Topiaries Installed for the 2019 Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival


PHOTOS: New Topiaries Installed for the 2019 Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival

Preparation is under way at Epcot for the upcoming 2019 Flower and Garden Festival, which starts March 6th. Among the many fun offerings at the Festival every year are impressive Disney character topiaries that are placed all over the park. Here’s a look at some that have been installed already!

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The Toy Story gang is hanging out by the playground just to the East of Mouse Gear. Disney announced last month that Bo Peep would be joining in on the fun, and she looks great!

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epcotfgtop2 26 19 13

She always has her trusty sheep nearby.

epcotfgtop2 26 19 2

Just behind Spaceship Earth we have Daisy, surrounded by stars. Why? Because she’s a star.

epcotfgtop2 26 19 9

Over in the United Kingdom pavilion, we have Winnie the Pooh characters! Tigger, Eeyore, and Piglet are on the right…

epcotfgtop2 26 19 18

…and Rabbit and Pooh are on the left!

epcotfgtop2 26 19 17

Just down the way, along the path to International Gateway, we have Captain Hook and Peter Pan locked in an eternal struggle. Well, at least until the festival ends in June.

epcotfgtop2 26 19 8

In the France pavilion, we have the perennial favorites, Belle and Beast, up front and center.

epcotfgtop2 26 19 6

To the right of Belle and Beast are The Muppets, out on a world tour. Miss Piggy has all her luggage with her.

epcotfgtop2 26 19 4

Kermit has a whole new installation this year. He’s astride a bamboo bike, carrying a basket of baguettes. This is my favorite so far.

epcotfgtop2 26 19 5

It looks like he’s still missing his collar. Hopefully they add that on soon.

epcotfgtop2 26 19 16

Mickey and Minnie are on display in the America pavilion, next to The Smokehouse.

epcotfgtop2 26 19 10

In China, the dragon has returned to his spot in the pond. He looks ferocious as always.

epcotfgtop2 26 19 19

The pandas are back as well.

epcotfgtop2 26 19 1

And where else but Norway would you find the two sisters from “Frozen”, Anna and Elsa?

Are you excited for The 2019 Flower and Garden Festival? What’s your favorite topiary so far? We’ll have pictures of the full line-up once the festival officially starts on March 6th.