REVIEW: New Cheese and Deluxe Stromboli Dinner from Pinocchio Village Haus at the Magic Kingdom

It’s pinkies up at Pinocchio Village Haus come dinnertime. Their new “Dinner Specialties” menu boasts two new Stromboli options for guests looking for something besides flatbread. You won’t find these two at lunch time, so come later in the afternoon to sample these specialties. Let’s check out the menu and dive right into the review before Monstro gets us.

Pinocchio Village Haus Dinner Specialty Stromboli

The two Stromboli options available are Cheese and Deluxe. Both come with a side of marinara sauce and a side salad.

We ordered both for comparative purposes.

Here’s the Deluxe Stromboli meal…
… and the Cheese Stromboli meal.

Both meals come with a side salad that includes romaine lettuce topped with diced red onions, tomatoes, and cucumber, drizzled with Zinfandel vinaigrette.

It’s pretty much the base of the Antipasto Salad that’s currently offered. It’s fine.

Pinocchio Village Haus Cheese Stromboli – $12.99

The Cheese Stromboli is filled with mozzarella and parmesan cheeses, as well as some marinara sauce. Don’t worry, you get a side cup of marinara to add more to it if you feel the need.

I wouldn’t recommend a solid block of cheese and counter service marinara sauce for dinner at the Magic Kingdom. I’ve had worse at this restaurant, but I still wouldn’t actively seek out a cheese brick. It’s not awful, but it feels like it is missing something. Maybe they could add something and make it deluxe…

Pinocchio Village Haus Deluxe Stromboli – $12.99

The Deluxe Stromboli is filled with both cheeses included in the Cheese Stromboli, as well as onions, bell peppers, pepperoni, and some marinara sauce.

You can tell it’s “Deluxe” because they sprinkled Italian spices on top.

Quite honestly, this resolves all of my issues with the cheese Stromboli. The onion, bell peppers, and pepperoni essentially complete the dish. They work well with the cheese, which feels more edible given some accompaniments of a non-dairy variety inside of the greasy shell. A dip in the marinara sauce makes it more pleasant, leading to the first dish in years from Village Haus that I wouldn’t tell you to actively avoid. Now, I certainly would rather eat at several other counter service restaurants at the Magic Kingdom, but if someone wanted to eat here, I’d recommend the Deluxe Stromboli.

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