PHOTOS: Epcot Makes Significant Parking Lot Adjustments Ahead of Entrance Area Revamp

As part of Epcot’s full entrance overhaul and improvements to park security, it appears that the pedestrian walkway leading from parking lots Create, Explore, Imagine, and Amaze (all on the left side) has been changed to veer guests towards the left-hand side entrance of the park, as opposed to walking straight ahead towards the main entrance that’s in line with Spaceship Earth.

All of the white poles you see to the left are new (For comparison, the green ones are the old ones). If you look at the pedestrian walkway, and the new symbols printed on the ground direct guests over to the left towards the Guardians of the Galaxy side of the park.

Even the car lane veers left now.

This path leads to one of the two walkways embedded within the lawn over on that side:

Guests can still walk straight towards the park for now, with cones dissuading them from going left yet. Between misleading new and old signage, confusion abounds amongst guests traversing the parking lot.

The new white poles should do a better job keeping guests out of the street.

The top right corner of the Amaze handicap parking lot is gone, with orange traffic cones strewn about, but blue lines still visible, waiting to be painted over.

The new path out to the left looks just about ready to roll.

Changes coming to the Epcot main entrance include the addition of a plaza with new pathways and sweeping green spaces. Before that, guests will travel through redesigned security checkpoints. These new paths in the parking lot will funnel guests towards this revamped security process.

As always, we’ll keep you updated on all the latest construction and changes happening at Epcot throughout the revamp.

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