pineapple jalenpeño cotton candy dca food and wine festival 2019

REVIEW: Pineapple-Jalepeño Cotton Candy – Food & Wine Festival 2019 at Disney California Adventure Park

Is cotton candy the new churro? Because specialty cotton candy is popping up at Disney California Adventure and we’re not mad about it. For Food & Wine Festival 2019, Pineapple-Jalepeño Cotton Candy with Tajín is available in Paradise Gardens Park. And skeptics be warned: this is better than you think.

Pineapple-Jalepeño Cotton Candy

pineapple jalepeño cotton candy DCA

We were served our Pineapple-Jalepenño Cotton Candy with the chili lime seasoning on the side. Our recommended way of eating this is to sprinkle an even dusting of Tajiín all over the cotton candy. You might want to be careful when doing this on a windy day, or you might sprinkle seasoning all over yourself.

pineapple jalepeño cotton candy DCA

pineapple jalepeño cotton candy DCA

We’ll admit, we were skeptical of this combination. Pineapple, jalepeño, and Tajín together? It sounds weird, but these make for a wonderful combination. The spiciness of the seasoning balances out the sweetness of the cotton candy. This is something we’d happily purchase again when we’re torn between getting a sweet or savory snack. It’s a great mix of both!

Again, this can be found at the vendor cart in Paradise Gardens Park, near the Garlic Kissed Marketplace and the World of Color viewing area.

DCA food and wine festival 2019 offerings

DCA food and wine festival 2019 seasonal offerings

And if you need something to wash down your cotton candy, this cart offers the new Orange Vanilla Coca-Cola! It’s available for $4.50. You can use your Sip and Savor Pass on any of the items offered at this cart.

Orange vanilla coca cola disney california adventure park

You can also find these Wasabi Ranch Harvest Snaps if you’re still in the mood for more spicy snacks.

DCA food and wine festival 2019 seasonal offerings

What do you think? Are you into the idea of more specialty cotton candy?

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