REVIEW: The Shamrock Cupcake at Sprinkles in Disney Springs Should Be Left at the End of the Rainbow

Sprinkles is no stranger to the specialty holiday cupcake, and for St. Patrick’s Day this year, they created the lovely Shamrock Cupcake. Read on to find out whether this cupcake was a lucky pick or a minty meltdown.

In case you’re unfamiliar with the Sprinkles process, here’s a quick primer. Sprinkles is located at Town Center in Disney Springs, right by the water across from Raglan Road.

Depending on what time you get here, there may be lines winding outside, but fear not, it moves rather quickly. That time also gives you ample room to browse the display for any seasonal specialties or old favorites. (They also have cupcakes for dogs here!) Upon making an order, you wait until your name is called to receive your baked goods.

While most cupcakes cost $5, you do pay a $0.50 premium for specialty seasonal cupcakes.

If you get two cupcakes, they come in this quaint box!

Yes, I had to get the carrot cake cupcake as a backup. You know… just in case today wasn’t my lucky day.

The Shamrock Cupcake features a lovely minty green buttercream frosting with a chocolate base and Sprinkles’ signature sugar piece in the shape of a three-leaf clover

These cupcakes, for the most part, are extremely photogenic. I almost couldn’t resist taking a photoshoot of it, longing for the motherland.

Just make sure you don’t spend too much time photographing your cupcake. These are served colder than room temp for a reason, as the frosting can start to separate under heat.

At last, it was time to dig in.

This is where all the fun ended. They don’t frost these in the show kitchen for a reason, people. The frosting was more akin to toothpaste. It really had an almost medicinal aftertaste, it was seriously off-putting. (And this is coming from someone who loves Sprinkles cupcakes, and minty foods.) As someone who bakes, I feel as if they might’ve gone a little overboard with the mint extract on these.

There are mint candies embedded throughout the chocolate cake base, but they too have that weird aftertaste. The cake itself wasn’t as dense or moist as it could’ve been, and perhaps the cupcake could’ve fared better with a darker chocolate cake base. This was one of those items we kept tasting just to see if it really tasted that bad.

All that being said, don’t let my disdain for the Shamrock Cupcake dissuade you from paying a visit to Sprinkles. Seriously, all of their other offerings are solid, and we were honestly surprised to find that this was a flop. Perhaps you might even get a less-botched minty aftertaste with your cupcake given that these are made fresh every day, but just to steer clear, I’d suggest skipping this specialty offering and saving yourself fifty cents. This cupcake tastes like it went under two ladders, broke a mirror and opened an umbrella indoors.

If you still want to try the Shamrock Cupcake (at your own risk,) it is available throughout the weekend for the St. Patrick’s Day holiday. And may the luck of the Irish be with you!

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