Changing Character Faces at Tokyo Disney Resort Causes Record Lines to Meet Mickey and Minnie Mouse

With “Tip-Top Easter” debuting at Tokyo DisneySea this coming April 4th, there are a number of changes underway. Not only are Mickey and Minnie getting new outfits…

They’re also getting new faces. Seeing as though we transition here at Walt Disney World from talking Mickeys to non-talking Mickeys overnight, this doesn’t have much shock value for us, but as far as Tokyo Disney Resort is concerned, this is huge.

In fact, Tokyo Disney Resort is the last Disney Park to debut this new look for Mickey and Minnie.

While long waits are surely to be expected come April 4th, record waits have already been reported throughout the resort due to the fact that guests want to relish the older, more familiar faces they love. (Only Tip-Top Easter Mickey and Minnie have been confirmed as far as debuting new faces, but the new look is expected to be rolled out throughout the resort, in time.)

Some lines have been around 6 to 10 hours long, in fact. There have even been cases of necessitated return times running out as early as 8:30 am, or just 30 minutes after park opening.

Will you be heading over to Tokyo Disney Resort for their first-ever Easter celebration? Let us know in the comments! Looking to book a Tokyo Disney adventure of your own? One of our writers recently took a trip abroad and detailed the full process in a five-part photo report. Read all about it here!