PHOTOS, VIDEO: New Look Mickey Mouse Character Debuts at Town Square Theater Meet & Greet at Magic Kingdom

UPDATE: Talking Mickey Meet and Greet at Magic Kingdom Now Silenced

As we’ve reported on multiple times, the Talking Mickey meet-and-greet in Town Square Theater at the Magic Kingdom has been silenced.

This decision likely has been made for a variety of reasons, some being technical difficulties and overall guest confusion since other Mickey characters in the park do not talk to guests, but likely also budgetary as the entertainer contracts for this venue were higher than many others.

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Mickey will continue to meet guests at this location, but starting today he will no longer communicate with guests.

  1. This is shameful.
    We should be moving forward to the point where all characters talk not backward.

    1. My brother and SIL took my nieces for the first time back in Feb this year and Mickey wasn’t talking then. He has the “new head” but not talking. I agree, this was one of the best innovative things they’ve done in a while, MUCH better than virtual reality, ACTUAL reality, something Walt would have been proud of. It’s truly a shame.

  2. My 3 year old nephews highlight of his Disney trip was when Mickey called him “pal” he didn’t stop talking about it all trip.

  3. To be clear: he will still communicate, as all charters do in the parks, he will just not speak.

    1. I was there in April and every character didnt talk and the kids were still happy. When i was little the characters never talked. Espedlcially Mickey.

  4. Keep Mickeys voice!! I have video of my granddaughter enjoying the fact she remembers the voice from television and that in my opinion IS THE MOST MAGICAL MOMENT. I see through her eyes that Mickey is real because of that experience. Don’t silence Mickey!!! His voice needs to be heard!!

  5. My kids remember this, too. I also remember when Mickey spoke to a Brazilian girl ahead of us in her native language. Shame on Disney.

  6. Well, my kid sure as heck will be disappointed next time we go. At least now I know not to waste a FP….

  7. Saves Disney money, and they do not care about their customers only in that they can make more money off of them. This wasn’t profitable. As long as parks crammed with people happy with less and less, they will keep cutting.

  8. Given the recent public tests of fully talking versions of the other characters, it seems weird that they’d remove this; it’s clear that people really respond to the talking characters with eye-blinks. Maybe it’s quite true that having non-talking characters was confusing people.

    1. It’s about money. Guest experience doesn’t matter in todays Walt Disney World.

      1. Not about money the only reason Mickey will no longer be talking is so that less people will come to the park which is the same reason they’re raising the price of tickets to thin out the crowds

  9. Will Mickey be silent in his new ride too? I would not want any kids to be confused as this is all about the children and not saving money

  10. Can I be nitpicky? Mickey will still “communicate” with guests, he just won’t speak to them. Disney has lots of visitors that are hard of hearing or otherwise unable to vocalize words, plus many who don’t speak English. Doesn’t mean they aren’t communicating.

    That being said, my wife found talking Mickey creepy. I thought it was great for kids, unintentionally hilarious every time I’ve met him, as he would invariably say something wrong about something (assuming since my wife and I are old that our Happyily Ever After b uttons when we got engaged meant we were there on our anniversary, for example) and then wasn’t able to change course after being corrected. We just rolled with it, but I could see how certain segments of guest would be confused by that. Disney has just been making me sadder and sadder lately. I guess we just grew apart…lol

  11. unsure of the benefit of eliminating this feature. This experience I should say. I don’t see how money ties in because I cant imagine it costing much to operate. Guests and fans love this. This is part of Disney world- making the dream that much more a reality and by eliminating it is just Walt Disney world taking a step into the direction of “just another theme park”. Look- that makes me sick to say. Im a DVC member. I live breath and do all things Disney world. I still love it and its a part of me- I just think this is truly a terrible move and see no benefits from a business stand point and see no gain as a guest stand point.

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