Illegal Drone Caught Flying Over Disneyland Paris

French newspapers are reporting that a park guest was arrested Wednesday evening after they were allegedly caught flying a drone inside Disneyland Park. The suspect, a 35 year old German tourist, was apprehended by security during park hours at approximately 9:45 PM near City Hall on Main Street, U.S.A. and placed into custody at the Chessy police station.

There, he explained to the authorities that he had spent the day at the park and that he was trying to take souvenir photos and videos before returning to Germany on Thursday. The police erased his images and returned the camera. He was given a simple warning and released without charges on Thursday morning.

The sky above Disneyland Paris is restricted airspace. A 53 year old photographer in 2014 was prosecuted for flying a drone over the parks and backstage areas, facing a possible six month imprisonment before the case was finally thrown out in court.

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2 years ago

Drones are an invasion to people’s privacy and should not be permitted anywhere.
How do the rest of us get our air space declared no fly zones like disney?
Everyone should demand the no fly zone rights.

2 years ago
Reply to  Randyland

They’re no more an invasion of privacy than every camera phone and regular camera that are carried every day by anyone else. In fact you are far less likely to be identifiable from a drone photograph than one taken from an iPhone. No fly zone should be on the basis of safety alone.