Permits Filed for Demolition of Adventureland Sign at Disneyland Park Ahead of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Opening

Project Stardust strikes again! A new permit was filed by Disney this week that will bring big changes to the Adventureland Sign at Disneyland Park as we know it. The permit describes the work as:

Disney – Adventureland – Demo existing marquee and install new with footings and sign.

Frequent guests of the Disneyland Resort will recall that refurbishments took place last October to reduce the foliage and water surrounding the entrance to Adventureland and Frontierland. All in the effort of creating more walking space to accommodate the influx of guests when Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opens.

Despite these changes, Disney had not taken advantage of the increased land mass to widen the walkways into each Land. Now that this permit has been filed, we can assume the time has come to do just that. Unfortunately, it seems that making changes to the existing walkways means the existing Adventureland sign and structures supporting it will have to be demolished.

Permit Filed for Demolition of Adventureland Sign Disneyland

We’re sad to see these changes happen to Adventureland, but we’re sure guests will come to love the completion of these enhancements. With a new sign and improved walkways, access into Adventureland should be better than ever.

Do you think these enhancements will help when Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opens?

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  1. Disneyland let’s progress get in the way of park history. Which to be honest, ruins Disneyland from me. I have no real interest to go back even though I’d been an annual pass holder for years.

  2. It would be a shame to see a classic part of the park that’s been there since opening day go the way of the People Mover. However, I’ve noticed maaaaaaajor congestion getting into Adventureland this year so maybe this will be good overall. As long as they replace it with something that is themed well I suppose it will be alright.

  3. It’s beginning to seem like all of Disneyland is being turned into a waiting area for Star War’s Land. Sad to see these changes.

    1. I guess if everyone is there, I can get on the Peter Pan ride a hundred times in a row. (fav ride ever, and I’m from the Midwest, but sadly I never get there anyway, sigh)

    2. One hundred percent Disneyland will be a waiting room for Galaxy’s Edge. I used to like Star Wars but now I truly hate the meer mention of it. It’s ruining the most magical place on earth.

  4. Ok, so I get the fact that changes have to happen to keep Disney fresh and exciting, but must they remove everything original? This breaks my heart 😢 Couldn’t they just somehow extend the sign further out to accommodate the expansion?

  5. What’s sad is that Disney has to file a “permit” to take down a sign. Big Government, sigh. Surprised they don’t need a permit to move a trash can.

  6. So they are taking the one old sign down and replacing it with a new one…..that will look exactly like that one or very very similar. This isn’t news this is refurbishments that happen every year.

      1. YES this is a refurb! Actually this is just making the sign/entrance look like it did before the ’90’s! The current look has only been there since the ’90’s when Indiana Jones opened!!!!! STOP TRYING TO MAKE SOMETHING OUT OF NOTHING!

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