PHOTO REPORT: Disney Springs 4/10/19 (Sprinkles Easter Cupcakes, NBA Construction, Frontera Cocina, ETC.)

Spring is in the air. The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, and the parks are crowded. Disney Springs is still pretty busy, but at least the longest waits here are to spend money. Since I don’t have any of that, I’m safe to just stroll and enjoy the scenery. Maybe drool over the latest spring snacks.

Sprinkles cupcakes

As if I don’t eat enough cupcakes, my first stop is to window shop at Sprinkles. There’s a new series of Easter candy cupcakes! Every week, there will be a new cupcake and candy featured. The current offering is the Jelly Belly cupcake. I will return for the precious Peeps cupcakes for sure.

Amorette’s bee cake

Bee macaron

Bee still, my heart. I just heard the buzz about Amorette’s Patisserie’s newest cake and macaron. Celebrate spring with this large bumble bee cake. It’s a lemon chiffon cake, topped with white chocolate and strawberry pate de fruit jelly. It’s adorable, but at $59, I’ll have to move on. Luckily, there’s a Bumblebee Macaron with honey dulcey ganache for just $5. Amorette’s has great macarons.


House-made s’mores are back!

Easter brunch

Maria and Enzo’s is advertising brunch with the Easter Bunny. That could be interesting.

NBA experience

NBA experience

NBA experience

NBA experience

We can see the paneling on the front is nearing completion. It’s looking pretty good. More walls are going up, so we can’t see as much inside. Not that there was much to see.


I was walking over the bridge and noticed a wall up around the back of Frontera Cocina. It does a beautiful job of camouflaging the ongoing work.

Steamboat willie LEGO set

The new Steamboat Willie LEGO Ideas set is available from the LEGO store at Disney Springs. But make sure you read the box. Boat does not float. Do not try it.

Well, it might be time to take a trip over to the Mac & Cheese truck, so that’s it for our afternoon at Disney Springs. Thanks for joining us, and stay tuned for more updates from WDWNT!