PHOTOS: All-New “Been There” Series Starbucks Mugs Pay Tribute to Retro Epcot

First there was the Magic Kingdom mug. Then came the Disney’s Hollywood Studios mug. Well, allow me to introduce you to my personal favorite of the Disney Parks “Been There” series collection: the Epcot mug. This mug features many retro details and nods to classic Epcot and is a must-have for any Epcot aficionado both young and old. (I say that because most of us weren’t even born when Epcot opened… but I digress.)

First off, we love the type they used for the Epcot logo here. You have the Monorail zooming across the mug, the jumping fountains of the Imagination! pavilion, and nods to Canada and The Living Seas–– I mean, The Seas with Nemo and Friends.

We love the pyramid from Mexico and nods to Japan from the World Showcase. Look at the tiny fez from Morocco! The words “The 21st Century Begins Today” are featured on the side, which was the park’s old pre-opening slogan from 1982. (Because apparently the 21st century began on October 1, 1982.)

Moving on, check out the nod to Norway (RIP Maelstrom) and even Dreamfinder’s ship!

Spaceship Earth stands big and proud in the center of the mug’s design.

Between the light orange and Figment purple color scheme, this is one of the most inspired mugs in this collection.

As with the older designs, these mugs come in a commemorative “Been There” Series – Pin Drop Collection box with the Disney Parks logo and the words “Take your favorite places and spaces with you.” printed on it.

The mugs retail for $19.99 and have yet to appear on shopDisney.

Will you be taking a piece of the 21st century home with you with these new mugs?