PHOTOS: Full Guide To Eggstravaganza 2019 Character Egg Scavenger Hunt at Epcot

If you’re looking for some additional fun at Epcot this Spring, look no further than the Eggstravaganza character egg scavenger hunt taking place throughout the World Showcase (…and Test Track.) It’s $6.99 for the map and you trek around searching for eggs nestled throughout the various countries, then place the corresponding sticker on the map. Regardless of whether you choose to search for the eggs or not, you can return your map to Disney Traders by April 30th  for a surprise!

Here’s our one-stop guide for the locations of all the eggs. Reference it in case you’re stuck and can’t seem to find one, or are just curious as to how it all works. Happy hunting!

Eggstravaganza 2019 at Epcot – Map and Stickers

Eggstravaganza 2019 at Epcot – Character Egg Locations

Taste Track – Figment

We started with Taste Track because it’s the only one not in World Showcase and basically right outside Mouse Gear.

Mexico Pavilion – Chip

A lot of people doing the map were outside looking for the egg in Mexico. We all split up to find it. He’s strategically placed over the tequila, of course.

Chip loves La Cava del Tequila and so do we.

Norway Pavilion – Dale

Dale was pretty easy. As soon we walked into the store, he was the first thing we spotted.

China Pavilion – Donald

Donald wasn’t as easy to find.

Germany Pavilion – Mickey

And Mickey was practically impossible to find. Even in the picture he’s hard to tell apart from the rest of his surroundings because he blends in so much.

Italy Pavilion – Pluto

Pluto greets wine connoisseurs above the wine cellar of Tutto Italia.

The American Adventure – Minnie

We spent way too much time outside looking for Minnie.

Japan Pavilion – Perry the Platypus

Perry was having a zen moment outside of Katsura Grill. Agent P won’t be going on many missions soon enough.

Morocco Pavilion – Thumper

Thumper is hidden in plain sight. If you walk from Japan to Morocco, you totally will miss him. We don’t know if we’d quite label this as being in Morocco… more like near Morocco.

France Pavilion – Daisy

Daisy would have the most fabulous spot in the hunt.

UK Pavilion – White Rabbit

We spotted the White Rabbit in the distance almost before getting to the UK Pavilion. If you are coming the opposite direction, from Canada towards the UK, it would take a while, since he’s on the far end of the garden.

Canada Pavilion – Goofy

Goofy: [from a distance] “a-Hyuck!”
That’s all of them!

Here are the prizes you can redeem once you return your map! Do note that each map ($6.99) can be redeemed for one prize only. For all six eggs, you’d need to purchase and complete six maps!

These scavenger hunts are fun ways to see more of the park while having fun doing so, and the experience, map, stickers, and prize at the end are all well worth $7. This activity is also available at Disneyland Resort, so make sure you check out our guide to that one as well! 

Don’t see an egg you like? Looking for something… spookier? There’s a limited edition Haunted Mansion egg set sold separately and it features the Hitchhiking Ghosts!

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