PHOTOS: Magic Kingdom Ticket and Transportation Center Undergoing Major Overhaul, Tram Stops Temporarily Moved

If you park at the Magic Kingdom, and/or are a fan of taking the Monorails (don’t say we didn’t warn you), there’s some construction currently going on at the Transportation and Ticket Center (TTC) that may affect your park arrival and/or departure experience.

The previous parking tram drop-off location is now partially walled off by planters.

Guests are now being directed to walk far away from the main area of the TTC to get to the trams that will take them to their cars.

This whole area is set to be repaved and refurbished to accommodate for a larger influx of guests, plus to improve guest flow into the TTC bag check, monorail, and ferryboat areas. Guests are currently walking through what was half of the old tram lane to get to the tram and their vehicles.

From the Monorail, you can look down and see the former tram pick-up and drop-off area that is now fenced off to the right.

Guests can grab a tram ride at the northeast point of the parking lot, not far from the disability parking spaces. Sadly, this where you’ll get dropped off when arriving, leaving a decent walk to the ferryboat or monorail.

There are two new makeshift drop-off locations right at the edge of the Heroes and Villains parking lots.

Guests now have to walk under that walkway (which is usually where the trams drive) to get to security. It definitely makes for a longer walk, so please make sure you take the additional walking time into account as you plan your trip.

Temporary signage helps guests who aren’t quite the Moana in their family to their cars.

The construction is set to last a few months, but once it’s finished, it will unveil new tram area near the TTC with shade structures.

This is all a part of a resort-wide project to improve all guest entrance and security areas. Just this week, we saw a similar project going on over at Epcot’s International Gateway with temporary entrances installed and bag check areas walled off for improvements.

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