VIDEO: Doors on Monorail Yellow Fail To Open Leaving Guests Stuck For Several Stops

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In a video posted to YouTube on Saturday evening, guests were stuck in the last car of Monorail Yellow during what appears to be a door malfunction. The doors fail to open for several stops and guests can be heard clearly panicking and attempting to contact cast members, both outside and on the emergency phone located inside the monorail.

According to the video description, the incident happened around 9:20 PM on Saturday evening. They say the doors on Monorail Yellow failed to open at the Transportation and Ticket Center, Polynesian Village Resort, and the Grand Floridian Resort where they were finally able to get help.

Guests in the video can be seen joking but clearly panicked that the doors are not opening, and after attempting to knock on the doors to get help, are heard trying to figure out what to do next.

Once the monorail stops at the Grand Floridian, the guests try to knock on the doors again to get a cast member’s attention and finally succeed. A sigh of relief is heard and the video stops there.

The description of the video goes on to say that a cast member was contacted at the Grand Floridian after they got off of the monorail.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time a monorail malfunction has happened in recent months. From Monorail Green last month to Monorail Lime in June, and Monorail Red in January, to say the monorail fleet has had some trouble is an understatement. Rumors have floated back and forth on whether or not a new fleet of monorails have been ordered, but there is currently no official word from Disney as of now.

No confirmation or word from Disney on the Monorail Yellow situation currently, but we will update as the story progresses.

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  • Just got back from a week at WDW. NO issues whatsoever with ANY of the Monorails. I will add that we did not travel after 6PM, so maybe the trains can no longer run a lot of miles any more.

  • I was on the Monorail once in one of the back cars. When the doors didn’t open it was scary but we were told it was letting people off at every stop. It was to keep people from riding it to certain stops.
    That was many years ago.

  • My 75 year old mother and I were in this monorail car and I am in a majority of this video. I have the ponytail in the video. The level of nervousness got higher after the 2nd stop. It was unfortunate that some riders from other cars looked directly at us and did nothing.
    Didn’t realize the guy behind me of videoing the entire time.

  • Good grief, is it too late for Disney to revisit that now-old offer from Siemen (former sponsor of Spaceship Earth) to give/sell them a new fleet of monorails? Who cares if they demanded their logo be put on them….it can be at least as big as those letters of the brand now sponsoring/supplying the CLOCKS that are in the parks. Heck, dress up the letters in the logo with little Disney characters….hidden Mickeys galore, go nuts. Just get the darn doors to open and stay on when they’re closed, and operate on schedule. Maybe even make them lightning proof.

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