VIDEO: Monorail Door Opens With Guests on Board and Train in Motion at Walt Disney World, Prompting New Signage

While it remains unclear how it happened, shocking video was posted to Instagram showing a Walt Disney World Monorail on the way to Epcot with a door wide open, meaning that a guest could have easily fallen many feet out of it. Somehow, the Monorail sensors weren’t tripped and no cast member noticed it for quite some time.


I need a drink. @disney, guys, you gotta get on this, what if somebody had fallen?

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The incident may have been the one that prompted the “Do Not Lean” signage we we shared yesterday, now applied above every single Monorail door at Walt Disney World.


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  1. Siemens must be laughing their asses off. They dodged a bullet by not having to deal with this mess.

    1. If you remember, Siemens offered to buy a new fleet of monos, if they could put there logos on them. But Disney declined there offer.
      Just another dumb move by the suits.

      1. To clarify: they offered a new fleet of monorails (with their logos on them) in exchange for ten years of sponsorship of the fleet and Spaceship Earth, which was not a very good deal.

        1. That sounds like a deal to me!
          Disney doesn’t seem to want to fix The Monorails. (Bandaids don’t count) they could of had a new fleet for 10 years of signage. Now they have no sponsorship and soon to have a junk yard full of monorails. Maybe they can turn the junk monorails into bars and restaurants. That’s where there money is going.

        2. I read that Siemens would have brought in the monorail hardware AND taken care of them. Basically, Disney could have had the monorail headache totally outsourced to Siemens.

  2. I *did* learn an interesting fact from the comments on the video (if true, of course)… The comment said that every car has a phone you can use to call the driver. “It’s in the headrest/center console.”
    I see a scavenger hunt in my future!

  3. Problem is, IF you lean against the doors it IS supposed to shut down the monorail. I witnessed this first hand. This guy kept falling asleep and would slouch against the doors. The monorail stopped 3 times. Fiballt the guy moved. Doors opening and NOT stopping the monorail…THAT is concerning! Yikes!!

  4. I think Disney should approach Tesla to supply new monorails (minus their company logo) and to see if they are interested in a sponsorship deal for Spaceship Earth. Whatever they do the Disney Board of Directors can’t continue to ignore this monorail transportation and continue to charge premium rates for hotels being on the monorail line.

  5. Took us 45 mins to go from MK to TTC. Took 5 mins of opening & closing doors. Then we got off and walked to Poly. No one in my group wants to ride them anymore.

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