VIDEO: See the First Full Trailer for “The Further Adventures of Walt’s Frozen Head”, Filmed at Walt Disney World

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The Further Adventures of Walt’s Frozen Head now has a full trailer! The quirky comedy, filmed without permission at Walt Disney World, is hitting the film festival circuit in 2018.

Containing the first moving images of Ron Schneider as Walt as well as more hints of the plot, the full trailer for The Further Adventures of Walt’s Frozen Head has been released here first at The film has been in post production for over a year.

“We really think it will be worth the wait for everyone,” says writer/director Benjamin Lancaster. “A ton of talent, hard work, and time has gone into this project and for everyone involved, it’s really a labor of love.” The film was funded by two successful Kickstarters for production and post-production costs.

Playing off the urban legend that Walt Disney had himself cryogenically preserved, the feature film was primarily shot in the Orlando area, including on location at Walt Disney World. The movie was made without the knowledge or permission of the Walt Disney Company or family.

The Further Adventures of Walt’s Frozen Head is a quirky comedy about the unlikely friendship between the frozen head of Walt and Peter, a Magic Kingdom Cast Member. During his yearly dethaw to oversee the direction of his company and guard his creative legacy, Walt demands to be allowed up to see his final dream, Walt Disney World. When management scoffs, he recruits Peter to kidnap him for a day in the Magic Kingdom.

The film stars Ron Schneider as Walt and Daniel Cooksley as Peter. Schneider is known for his long history performing and writing for theme parks across America, including Disneyland, Magic Kingdom, Universal Orlando, and EPCOT Center, where he originated the strolling character of Dreamfinder for the much beloved Journey into Imagination pavilion.

“I’ve been a passionate fan of Walt Disney’s since the 1950s, I never could have imagined I could have been a part of anything like this,” says Schneider. “It’s a wild story told with respect, humor and a lot of love.”

Right now, the producers are waiting on an acceptance to a top-tier film festival before being able to announce the movie’s premiere date. “We’ve applied to a number of festivals across the world, and are looking forward to see who wants to host our film’s first public screening” says Lancaster.

Publicity for the film has been fueled by the popular twitter account @waltsfrzenhead. The account tweets humorous commentary on the theme parks, films, and general news from the perspective of the cryogenically preserved head of Walt.


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  • How could this have taken place without the knowledge of the Disney company. What these fools that were involved with the making of this film do not realize is that they created a major breach of security. That will do nothing except bring down the wrath of security on the innocent patrons in the parks. Expect even more restrictive movements and actions and as well as an increase in their heavy handed tactics masquerading as “security measures”.

    • No.

      Disney will ignore it, just like they did with Escape from Tomorrow. That awful, awful film.

      This looks no better.

      • Lost in the Mansion was filmed guerrilla style and was actually a good film… I’ll give it a chance. Then again, they were smart enough to stick to shorts.
        The plot sounds exactly like Thawing Walt… a novel… separated MK Cast Member is drawn into a plot to thaw Walt. Although Walt’s whole body is frozen and he wants to visit EPCOT- boy was he in for a shock!

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