UPDATE: Multiple Windows Removed From Disabled Monorail With Passengers Onboard; Towed To Magic Kingdom Station

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UPDATE: Apparently the monorail became disabled and the air conditioning units lost power, so the windows were removed from the inside to allow for air flow inside the cars. The monorail was not moving and the windows did not fall out, as the Instagram user claimed.


This evening at around 8 pm EDT, a user on Instagram reported that a number of windows fell out of Monorail Lime while on the Magic Kingdom monorail beam. Below are screenshots from a user on Instagram who caught the monorail with some of the windows popped out. After taking photos of the monorail and the monorail tow vehicle, he was asked to leave the station and stop photographing.

brit_at_wdw on instagram
brit_at_wdw on Instagram
brit_at_wdw on Instagram

The monorail was disabled on the track and the diesel-powered tow vehicle assisted the monorail into Magic Kingdom Station.

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  • This is most disturbing. I wonder what the route cause of this was. Do you know if this monorail was recently refurbished?

  • This is outrageous!! Between the decrepit monorail trains and the serving of alcohol in the Magic Kingdom, my partner and I are considering a boycott of Disney World until both matters are dealt with accordingly. It is patently obvious that Disney cares very little for the safety of the innocent guests and families that frequent the parks. Apparently Mr. Iger, who frequently espouses progressive values, is nothing more than a hypocrite and sinister Trump acolyte.

    • Sounds like you’ll be boycotting forever. Alcohol will not be banned at this point, if anything expanded. It will never be what you want it to be if that’s important to you. People forget Disney is a business. It’s not privately owned by the Disney family anymore. Because of that it cannot fundamentally be the same. Additional revenue streams are 100% necessary for publicly traded comanpies. It would be irresponsible to the shareholders to not take advantage of those streams. Additionally, the way they serve alcohol at the MK currently you shouldn’t even notice a difference. They have been serving alcohol at DLP since the early 90’s with no issue. If anything be upset with the American culture that people get so upset they disrupt you.

    • It was a technical error but perfectly safe , stuff happens , also you can’t buy alcohol in magic kingdom!! But you and and your partner boycott Disney , they will be in trouble
      If u 2 don’t turn up

      • You can buy alcohol in the Magic Kingdom from about 6 places. They are restaurants (and you can’t roll around with open containers) but they DO serve alcohol.

    • Don’t forget the alligator attack and screwing there workers out of there bonuses. Disney don’t care about people just money.

    • Between the celebration of your partnership and the obvious obnoxious adult child that resides in you, you will not be missed. The ambience of the parks have been smeared and besmirched by selfish ideologues such as yourself. I wonder if Walt would want you as a patron, pushing your liberal political viewpoints that are contradictory to his mission of a place where families, traditional nuclear families could escape from the depravity you promote.

      • Wow. You are mighty ignorant and hateful when you can hide behind your anonymous online trolling presence, Disney Defender 13 – more like Disney Dunce. Then again, you are probably that hateful to all the little kids whose ball bounces in your yard, I’m sure. Love is Love.

    • Might also, in your boycott , consider that Disney refused many cast members their $1000 tax cut bonuses citing union negotiations as their reason. Also, arguing against a pay raise upwards of the standard $10.50 per hour current wage.

    • Calm down, princess. The safety of guests?! What does alcohol have to do with the safety of guests? If you don’t want alcohol, don’t get it. It’s not for you to decide what others should and should not consume.

  • Disney world was a great place at one time. But hey let us not have Semens provided a brand new monorail. Oh no Iger has to have his bonus. Notice how Disney is spending money on the other Parks, Money over people and their safety . Disney Is a symptom of America and the greedy company and Disney will hire illegal aliens over American . And pay slave wages as well.

    • I think you mean Siemens. Also Siemens didn’t build the Disney monorail, Bombardier did. They are currently in the process of getting a contract for new monorails to replace the current fleet.

      Disney is actually spending massive money at WDW. They are just about to open Toy Story Land at the studios, building Star Wars Galaxy edge and a Star Wars themed resort attached to Galaxy’s Edge at the studios, new Disney Vacation Club towers being built at up to 3 of the different resorts, new gondola transportation system between the Studios, EPCOT and the nearby resorts, Tron roller coaster at Magic Kingdom, a new Riviera Resort, a new space themed restaurant at EPCOT, the new Guardians of the Galaxy roller coaster at EPCOT, a plan for a complete refurbishment of Future World at EPCOT, expanding the roads between the different locations on main routes on property to increase traffic flow and separate the buses, and there was going to be a new theater at the Magic Kingdom but that got put on hold because they’ve used up all resources for construction in the area for the moment and needed to reserve funding for the new monorail fleet they will be ordering.

      That being said, I do agree with you on Bob Iger and the greed of his ilk that has taken over the Disney Corporation. I’m sickened to death to see what he’s done with this company and personally feel that he is destroying a mighty legacy all in the name of profit before all else. I personally feel that Walt would be absolutely livid and is spinning in his grave with how Iger is running things. Especially now that Iger has decided to start charging resort guests for overnight parking at the resorts they are staying at. This started this past March and it makes me sick.

  • Disney World has become a death trap by their own cutbacks. Safe-D (Play on word safety) as they call is used to be a priority. Now, it’s a joke. You report stuff, you are told it will be handled, if you call 911 instead of Safe-D line so Disney can handle stuff behind the curtain of bad PR, you can be fired. Imagine if there’s smoke in these poorly maintained monorails? Everyone in there is choking to death. Disney isn’t maintaining the parks with safety in mind. Nor a good experience. It’s all about money.

  • Why are people upset? Yes these monorails are aged, but it’s it good that the windows were pulled to allow airflow. I do believe the post saying windows fell out is ridiculous and the poster should be banned. Yes Disney is a business and I’d be more than happy to see them pull the alcohol, but every business looks at making money.

  • I mean it looks bad to see the windows out, but that’s so much better than being trapped for who knows how long in the Florida heat without the windows open. Glad they’ve ordered new ones though.

    • I was on the monorail and it was miserable there are so many people in one car and when they said to take them out everyone did.

  • The monorails have been in bad shape for a while. Disney makes plenty of money, these monorails should have been updated years ago! They keep raising the price of their tickets, they need to use some of that money to repair and update the monorails.

  • Walt Disney World has fallen into disrepair in many ways since the hiring of Bob IGOR.

    IGOR has focused on perpetual building and turning Walt Disney World into a generic theme park instead of what Walt wanted. Adding more hotels, restaurants, and stores is not the answer. Paying attention to the quality of the park and the customer service IS the answer.

    Cast members are not nearly as nice and helpful as they used to be under Eisner.
    The park is not nearly as clean as it was under Eisner and before.
    Disney Springs is just a giant outlet mall with very expensive restaurants.
    The new rides and experiences being added are quite generic overall.
    And any cool opportunity you can find for yourself as a guest has been commandeered by Disney and turned into a money-making venture. I am waiting for them to post a PhotoPass photographer at the purple wall, and eventually stop taking pictures with guest’s cell phones and character spots.

    The disrepair of the monorail is embarrassing. Stop building more hotels to add to your already 22 resorts and start focusing on what made Walt Disney great.

    It’s getting to the point where I have to seriously think about whether I want to keep going, and I go EVERY year.
    It’s getting too expensive, pricing out the regular folks unless they want to go in serious debt to afford a vacation and it’s just not what it used to be.

    FIX IT. They need to get rid of IGOR.

  • I love reading all of these post, I have been going to Disney World since 1976, when I was infant. I now own points in DVC, and go there about 4-5 times a year. I live in Indiana, not Florida.

    I’m going to give everyone who has a negative comment from the Gator attack, Alcohol being served, unsafe windows etc, you can boycott all you want and tell a million of your friends, you won’t effect Disney World at all. I don’t think you all realize how big of a business this is, like that one post says, talk all negative and please don’t come it will make it easier for me to get Fastpasses Toy Mania 😀

  • I was on the monorail that was stuck. It had just started raining and the monorail took off like it normal should and suddenly stopped. It started getting hot and no one knew what was going on. After about 10 minutes a guy came over the speaker telling us that the power for the monorail was out on the side that we were on and that people were working to get the problem fixed. They kept making announcements that was just repeating what they already told us. After about 30 minutes or so they gave instructions on how to take the windows out so that there could be a flow of air. After that they had told us that something was going to come to tow us back to the station. They had to manually open the doors to get us out and there was a child that was injured during this entire event.

    This was my first time to ever go to Disney and it was the first day that we were at the park. they greeted us with bottles of water and gave us some extra fast passes and that was about it. That was about it. There were elderly and babies on the monorail but only one person got hurt.

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