PHOTOS: Spitting Camel Removed from The Magic Carpets of Aladdin in the Magic Kingdom

Jessica Figueroa

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PHOTOS: Spitting Camel Removed from The Magic Carpets of Aladdin in the Magic Kingdom

Jessica Figueroa

Updated on:

PHOTOS: Spitting Camel Removed from The Magic Carpets of Aladdin in the Magic Kingdom

For many, the Spitting Camel, who seemingly guards The Magic Carpets of Aladdin in Adventureland in the Magic Kingdom, is a source of equal parts nostalgia and frustration. One moment, you’d be strolling and taking in the sights and sounds of Adventureland, the next, you’d be hit straight in the eye with a squirt of vaguely warm Florida swamp water. Always unexpected no matter how well aware you were of the camel’s existence, the spitting statue has been a staple of The Magic Carpets of Aladdin since 2001.

Well, today we uncovered something somewhat unsettling…

spitting camel removed adventureland april 2019 1

It’s gone.

spitting camel removed adventureland april 2019 4

Replaced by a desert-like garden with succulents, the area now just houses the sign, with no sign of the Bactrian beauty in sight.

spitting camel removed adventureland april 2019 5

spitting camel removed adventureland april 2019 3

It’s so odd seeing the surrounding ground so… dry. The removal is an odd choice, especially given that we are headed into the hot summer months where water-spraying is far more acceptable.

Could the camel simply be undergoing maintenance? Given its sudden disappearance, we aren’t entirely sure it will return.

spitting camel removed adventureland april 2019 2

The other camel is still there, at least.

other camel adventureland 2019 2

other camel adventureland 2019 1

What do you think of the camel removal? Are you happy you won’t be randomly squirted with water anymore, or are you sad and nostalgic for this loss? Sound off in the comments!

127 thoughts on “PHOTOS: Spitting Camel Removed from The Magic Carpets of Aladdin in the Magic Kingdom”

  1. I am very glad to see this camel gone. As a matter of fact I rode the ride for the very first time about a month ago, and I was not aware of this spitting camel and as I passed it, the camel did spit in my eye, and it irritated it. It’s good that this pesky camel is gone because depending on how well filtered the water is coming out of the camel (if it is even filtered at all, which it’s probably not) there could be bacteria build-up in the lines, and that could get into someone’s eyes, ears, mouth or nose and cause some sort of illness or infection.

    • Ummm…go to Universal you unhappy turd. I’m sure their camel water is very filtered, and we won’t be bothered by a wet blanket like you.

    • It sounds like the camel you are referring to is still there. It looks like the one during the ride isn’t gone, just the one outside of the attraction.

    • Wonder how many millions of eyes, ears, and mouths that water has come in contact with, only to have the people connected to heretofore mentioned parts come out virtually unscathed…and maybe even laughing!

    • I agree about the hygiene aspect. Although, I think Disney could still keep the camel, just not have it spit at their customers. Why does it seem everything has to be an extreme? Should it stay, should it go? Just stop the spitting! Case closed. Smh.

  2. The spitting camel was originally part of a pair on a float in the early 90s Aladdin parade. With the live action Aladdin remake could the Aladdin parade be coming back?

  3. I have no nostalgia about this stupid camel. They can remove the whole attraction and restore the original theme of the area and I’ll be happy. This attraction has always looked out of place, and ruins the tiki room and the original tropical immersion of the area. The magic Kingdom is pretty much one big fantasyland now.

    • 2nd on wanting ALL of Aladdin removed from Adventureland at WDW (it belongs in Fantasyland, bring back Adventureland to its tropical / exotic themes).

      Now bring in some Tiki Statues that squirt filtered water randomly at Park Guests (and perhaps an African Statue).

    • Totally agree Mike, it makes the Adventureland area very cramped and congested, and if kids want to go around in a circle they can ride Dumbo, the carousel, or Triceratop Spin. There’s just no reason to keep this, and Aladdin deserves a much better ride.

  4. Liked the camel, was a cool thing to watch people get a squirt every now then. Probaly somebodys Michael Kors purse got wet and filed a class action lawsuit. Needs 100k for mental anxiety. If I was a betting man, thats what i would bet on.

    • I agree. Some people are always looking for a reason to sue. They either cannot enjoy anything, or they have terrible luck with lottery scratchers and blame Disney!

    • 😂 I was going to go the EEEWWW! GERMS! route to point out that there are germs at the largest theme park on the planet, mainly focusing on the watery parts, but I got tired of typing.

    • Im sure something like that really did happen because one person wants to ruin it for everyone else. Knowing dam well there probably never gonna go back there again.

      • They’re working on replacing it with an auction scene where the camel is forcing several villagers to sell their grandfather clocks, paintings, and other items.

    • I once sued because I got a bad case of the bends from the pressure change riding the hydrolators many years ago and had to sue for several million dollars.

      • Those darn hydrolators… they gave me the bends every single time! I hope everyone is smart enough to realize just how funny your joke is.

  5. My main concern was that my camera would get damaged if it got wet. A lot of us are taking photos.

  6. Terrible! Somebody with tons of money and influence got spit on and this is the end result. So sad that our society has to be so politically correct and afraid to the Nth degree of being sued. If it doesn’t conform kill it, it must be a terrorist or worse yet a Republican! Pretty soon there will be no Disney World…far too scary!

  7. Pretty sure there are lawsuits from.people getting squirted. They removed the same type of shtick at universal last year. They had a stone statue the yelled at you and squirted you with water. It was awesome. But also removed

  8. Our family loved the camel. It was just part of the fun. If you can’t have fun at WDW then I don’t know where you can enjoy something just for the pleasure of it. We will miss it.

  9. This is very sad!!! I hope it’s not a permanent removal- Disney is designed for magic and whimsy- a spitting camel was lots of fun. Who cares if anyone got a little wet?!?!

    • The Camels weren’t there for the park’s first 25 year and were a recycling of a float element from the 90s Aladdin parade. Search Aladdin parade at MGM on YouTube since I can’t seem to link footage.
      Reminds me of ‘the hat’ at DHS which was put up for a Fantasia anniversary and stuck for years.

  10. Yay!! No more spitting camel. He just caused more congestion in an already congested spot!

  11. No!!!! She’s been around since I was little. Even though I was always a little scared of getting wet, I just avoided her path and was fine. She’ll be so missed!

  12. Oh my gosh. What part of, “Watch out! They spit!” was unclear??? 😂 Seriously, people. We needn’t be so uptight about yet another fun, creative, surprising element of this magical, happy place. Remember when your tiny feet rushed to splash in puddles? GO! DANCE IN THE RAIN! As far as comments about santitation: you are in a theme park that welcomes thousands of people from all over the world every day. Expect germs. Shockingly, every surface is not sanitized every five minutes. Illness and injury are a risk of living. We do it every day. Be happy for the opportunity to build up your immune system, laugh at the unexpected surprise, and enjoy the childlike wonder that is WDW, spitting camel included. (By a guest who is diagnosed with being allergic to ALL AIRBORNE ALLERGENS and survived 10 trips to WDW last year.) P.S. Watch out for Stitch…

  13. The camel has been broken and not spitting for a week or two. I have a feeling it had to be removed to be fixed. Dont panic people. It may come back.

  14. I was just spit on by the camel twice last week during the same ride! It’s part of the ride, you can’t take it away!

  15. The camel water was fed from the same domestic water supply as drinking fountains in the area, not swamp water. When you walk around Disney parks, be aware of wet concrete, or you might be the one getting wet

  16. The last time I was there this camel sprayed me and I was not happy about it. I’m sure they’ve gotten complaints about it. Glad it’s gone!

  17. I’m kind of sad. I’d never seen them before but I watched a video all about them. I was so excited to see them. I’m going in 2 weeks. I hope it’ll be back! :(

  18. Bring it back.Wimps easily offended do no get that the spirit of Disney is fun and surprise. Stay home if you cannot have fun at the park.

  19. Not the camel! We look forward to seeing it every trip. Our son loves to grab unsuspecting family members by the hand and lead them to the spot where the camel spits.

  20. Funny, took Keys to the Kingdom Tour yesterday and saw the camel “backstage” where the parade starts but without its head….tour guide said that it was being fixed/refurb. and that it would be put back. Btw, really cool tour

  21. The camel was either turned off or broken last Friday, so I’m hoping it’s just undergoing maintenance!

  22. Removing the camel was idiotic! It was cute and funny…and could easily be avoided; despite it being harmless and barely got you wet.

  23. I’m a nostalgia nut. I’m sad for the change. WDW seems to bend to any perceived angst of a very few visitors.

  24. If i remember right, his head wasn’t moving, so it’s probably just going under maintenance

  25. Rip the whole ride out. There’s already Astro-Orbiter and Dumbo. Do we need a 3rd “go up and down in a circle” ride?!

    Think imaginenering, think!

  26. Honestly the spitting camel was the most amusing part of this ride! My kids loved getting squirt unexpectedly or trying to raise/lower their carpets to avoid it. Now it’s just going to be a pretty boring roundy round thing. Also, it looked cool. Really Disney?Probably should take a vote next time from passholders or something. I never heard anything negative from it! And to those of you who got hit in the eye.. really?? You probably deserved it looking right at it! Lol

  27. I feel like it either needs to come back or they revamp the entire section. I’ve always thought the Magic Carpet ride was out of place, like they crammed it in since it didn’t really work anywhere else. I’ve never ridden it so correct me if I’m wrong, but it’s just a different version of Dumbo or the rockets (why I haven’t chosen to ride it). People get way too upset over getting sprayed when it’s their own fault quite frankly. All you have to do is glance at the ground. You can dodge stepping into a dropped ice cream, you can just as easily see wet patches and avoid them. People don’t seem to get cranky over spitting plants in Animal Kingdom. Maybe it’s because it’s more interactive? You’re there to have fun, not spend time upset about getting sprayed by something easily avoidable

  28. I’m sure someone got hit in the eye or something and sued, stupid people, that’s the way America is now, its sad. Some people go to places like this and look for lawsuits.

  29. Walt Disney always promised, they would never remove or replace. He bought unlimited acreage of FL land to assure that this would never happen here in FL. Add, never replace!!It was his dream and it’s still his park. Thank you Walt!

  30. This is the whole reason my son would ride this ride! He was determined to get me wet by the camel and it made the ride that much more fun. I say bring it back!

  31. This doesnt surprise in the least bit. Im sure you got a few hundred people who formed a petition and would not stop bugging disney about it. There are more important things in this world than water which im pretty sure is filtered spraying on you from a popular attraction. Those same people will be complaining when its 95 and want to cool off. Your in the happiest place on earth, and whether your a millionare or and average person like me you can escape reality for a short time.

  32. Very sad! We loved that camel! I hope it comes back. If they were to remove the one on the ride, we won’t ride it as often. For us, that ride is all about us trying to soak the back seat rider!

  33. I’m glad its gone, took up too much space. I’d love to see three flying carpet rides go too, it doesn’t fit the theme and always seemed more of a carnival type attraction. Just Disney cramping more stuff into the park to justify charging more and creating more challenging pedestrian navigation. there is always a bottleneck trying to walk through that area.

  34. Bring it back. I’ve always loved the ride and just shared experience with daughter and she was so excited about the camel

  35. We just visited Disneyland a couple of days ago and my kiddos loved the spitting camel. Please bring it back!

  36. Wish they would have left it there without the spitting! It was SO COOL seeing it when walking to the area!!!!!!!

  37. OMG, get over it. Disney gives you the magic of being young!!Your comments seem so, let’s say, ADULT. Kick back and have fun. Didn’t you ever play in mud? Mud patties? Bacteria? Of course. The camel was hilarious! I, too, was squirted in the eye. Oh, well. I just brushed it off and laughed. I will miss the spitting camel!

  38. Went there last Friday and noticed it was gone as well. Me and the wifey were totally surprised and curious. We’re both former cast members and I ain’t gonna lie, when assigned to Adventureland we both loved to watch unaware guests get spit in the face! Plus all the kids loved it so much they kept coming back for more, specially during summertime. Sad to see such an iconic part of the land gone!

  39. How disappointing to take it away… Hope it comes back. Disney is VERY FUN PLACE to be. Relax folks, It goes with the theme.

  40. It will break my children’s hearts when I tell them the camel is gone. They always run to it and wait to be “spit on” no matter what the temperature is. I will miss it greatly.

  41. The camel was fun. That’s what Disney is all about – embracing your inner child, leaving your BS at home and having a good time. If getting sprayed with a little bit of water is too much for you, stay home.

  42. I loved the camel! It was such a big part of the glampurous atmosphere. I personally loved getting spat on, especially in the scorching temperatures

  43. I say bring it back. That has been one thing you always remember of the area. From the very 1st time I walked passed there I thought it was my friend’s playing a trick on me then I got hit again on my head. Of course it never got my eye I am too short. LOL so it was always my forehead or hair sometimes depending on how far away I was from it right in between the girls down the shirt. LOL. My son saw that one year he laughed so hard good thing I brought a change of cloths for him. When and if they bring it back they should make it where it doesn’t hit so high and people don’t get it in the eye. That way people will get to laugh more.

  44. My kids always look forward to getting that squirt in the eye. If it makes them happy then I’m happy. Hope it’s not gone for good! 1st the Main street parade and now the camel, what a world, what a world……..

  45. I thought the spitting camel was cool. I’m going to WDW in 2020 and I was looking forward to seeing it, I hope they bring it back.

  46. I liked the camel! We’d always try to catch the water on a hot day but he was tricky! I say put it back!

  47. I’m sad to see the camel go! I always avoided being hit by it but it’s apart of the ride ! I feel so nostalgic ! The little tikis spit water thag are next to the ride so I’m wondering why get rid of the camel

  48. I’d prefer the camel return and the often duplicated, over used spinning ride system be removed. 3 in the same park (4 if you include the 2nd Dumbo) is just too much excitement for me to take.

  49. We loved the camel. We went in December one year and it was freakishly cold (20s) and we kept getting spit on while riding the magic carpets! We still laugh about that and tell that story. It’s one of the things the kids remembered most.

  50. I am sure some snow flake got sprayed and flipped out. It was all in good fun and I for one an sad to see it go. I spent many times just people watching and laughing at those that got it unexpectedly.

  51. The camel was part of the Disney fun. They could always add a “Watch out for the camel he spits” warning for anyone who doesn’t want to get wet. But FUN is supposed to be part of why we go to Disney in the first place. Take away all the Fun and Magic and why go?

  52. I liked the camels. If you’re watching your surroundings you know something is squirting water, the ground is wet. Stitch spits too at Disney Springs, it’s part of the fun. It’s water, not real spit from a camel. You have the same chance of getting hit by bird &hit, but that you have no idea it’s coming and dries real messy.
    Bring back the 🐫.

  53. This is such bad timing to take out the camel! With it getting warm, we’re going to need some water to cool us down. Plus, the camel is iconic! I hope it returns soon.

  54. I was just there on Friday and the camel is now a part of the ride! If you fly by at just the right height you will get wet

  55. We loved getting the kids to Unknowingly stand in the target zone of the camel’s spit. Little one’s forget, even if they did it last visit. It was a big deal. We hope the comes back.

  56. I hate everything to do with the Magic Carpets of Aladdin. It’s a tumor on Adventureland. It’s tacky and is major impediment to crowd flow. Remove the entire ride and the bazaar canopies. Restore Adventureland!

  57. little surprises like that are what make Disney magical, its been their since 2001 I think its safe enough and certainly earned its place.
    Whats next how about we eliminate fun and magical moments I laughed hard when it got me so did the family.

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