PHOTOS: Tomorrowland Speedway Refurb Update 4/15/19 (Newly Painted Facade, Railings, and Walls; Metal Grids Removed)

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Amidst the hustle and bustle of a packed Easter week at the Magic Kingdom, we’ve spotted a few changes to the Tomorrowland Speedway, which is still under extensive refurbishment and construction to make way for the Tron Lightcycle Power Run coaster that’s set to open in 2021.

First off, we noticed a couple of things from just the facade. A new paint scheme now graces the facade of the attraction, with a teal color that really pops (and matches with the rest of the new Tomorrowland color scheme.) For the purpose of comparison, here’s what the attraction looked like just before it closed:

As you can see, gone is the light purple and seafoam green color, replaced with just white and teal. Another thing we noticed was the absence of those metal grid awnings that spanned across each pole.

They’ve only left the ones that span across the entrance because the FastPass and Stand-By wait time signs are literally attached to them.

Over by the queue area, you can see remnants of the old blue-colored railings over by the back. That new, vibrant teal color should soon take over the remaining railings.

Over by the exit catwalk, the railings are all the new teal color as well.

The walls by the loading area have also been painted over in teal, covering the racing murals and checkered flags that were previously painted on there.

The Tomorrowland Speedway is set to open this May, and we’re sure even more changes will pop up before then. Stay tuned for even more updates!

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I wish they’d just get rid of it, worst ride in the park and it just doesn’t fit with the theming. There is nothing Tomorrowland about a bunch of loud gas-guzzling go-karts belching fumes, more like Yesteryearland and I feel like the only people who claim to like it are just being nostalgic about it. Plus I feel like most cities have a place you can go ride better go-karts than what they have here. I expect something a little more special from a place like Disney.


The Tomorrowland Speedway was obviously a transplant from Autopia at Disneyland, and at the time it was totally a Tomorrowland-worthy addition because the U.S. Interstate System was not a thing in 1955. Driving long distances like we have gotten used to today was originally a vision of tomorrow.


The Magic Kingdom’s Speedway never had the interstate highway feel of the Disneyland original though, and by 1971, modern highways were no longer a novelty. The Magic Kingdom’s Speedway has instead always been racing themed, whether as the original Grand Prix Raceway, the Indy 500 tie in of the 1990s, or the current Tomorrowland Speedway.

A big opportunity was lost when they decided not to change it with the New Tomorrowland renovation of 1994-95.


Shoot! I was hoping they would get rid of it forever. It’s loud and smelly – I have LOVED it being closed!! (Replace the cars with electric ones and I might change my mind)