Faith, trust, pixie dust, and sprinkles

REVIEW: New Tinker Bell Cupcake Flutters into Disney’s All-Star Music Resort

All you need is faith, trust, and pixie dust cupcakes. While visiting Disney’s All-Star Music Resort, we spotted a feisty new character cupcake on display.

The swirling green buttercream icing is dotted with crispy pearls. They look like Tinker Bell’s shoe pom-poms. A dollop of yellow frosting for Tink’s signature bun and white chocolate wings complete the look. There’s a very fine pixie dusting of edible glitter.

The cake base is a sturdy yellow cake and the buttercream is a sweet lemon flavor. When we cut into the cake, we find it’s filled with more of the green frosting. The yellow and green frosting are both lemon flavored, but the yellow frosting tasted sweeter. Lemon buttercream wouldn’t be the first thing I’d want, but I was surprised by how good it was. It’s not too tart, but more on the sweet side.

The lemon seems to help cut the sugary taste of the frosting. Even with the center piped full of more frosting, there’s no need to scrape it off. I really wasn’t expecting the lemon buttercream to make such an impression. The cake is pretty standard. Thankfully, the cake is your basic vanilla cake.

We must warn you that it is a bit macabre to see what looks like Tinker Bell “road kill” once you’re nearing the end of the cupcake.

Besides a little too much food coloring, this cupcake is a winner. For $5.49, it’s cute and tasty, so we suggest you add this one to the ever-growing list of Instagrammable desserts.