RUMOR: Extra Magic Hours at the Magic Kingdom Transitioning to Morning-Only Extra Magic Hours in October

With the abundance of Disney After Hours special ticket events and Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party nights going on at the Magic Kingdom this year, it appears that evening Extra Magic Hours may be nixed for the entire month of October.

Typically, evening Extra Magic Hours take place on Wednesday nights at the Magic Kingdom. And currently, that’s how it is listed on the official Walt Disney World calendar through September 25th… that is, until you get to the October dates. As many plan their Walt Disney World vacations far in advance, many have noticed that the first Wednesday in October (10/2) lists only morning Extra Magic Hours, (more like extra magic hour,) from 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM.

While the rest of the calendar has yet to be populated, we’ve yet to see what will become of evening Extra Magic Hours at the Magic Kingdom for the rest of October. Currently, the only park offering evening Extra Magic Hours in October is Epcot, as usual, on Tuesday nights. (Just in time for Epcot Forever.)

The official Walt Disney World website’s Extra Magic Hours page still lists the attractions available at the Magic Kingdom on evening Extra Magic Hours, and does not officially state that they are doing away with these permanently (if at all), so stay tuned for any changes.

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  1. Seems to me, the better value is to go in September this year then, evening EMH & MNSSHP! Anyone with an savvy might recognize this, thereby increasing attendance in a traditionally low crowd time to go. They are most likely only suspending the evening ones so they can drive attendance to MNSSHP and MVMCP. If they did eliminate them all together, I would find it better value to stay off property where I can save money and then maybe buy tickets to the Disney After Hours with my savings! This translates into less money for Disney bc I guarantee, tickets to one of those parties in no way equates to 7 nights at one of their resorts!

    1. Usually.. Yes, but with the opening of Star wars park on August 29th, my bet it won’t be a good time in September to go.

  2. I really hope they bring it back. Every year my wife and I take our daughter out for a special night that night, while my parents get our younger son to bed on time back at the hotel. Our daughter really loves that special time with just momma and daddy for one night during our week at Disney!

  3. These type of events don’t just short change you on EMH they interfere with your average Magic, in some cases forcing you to leave a park at 7pm. But your ticket price for that day is certainly no cheaper! Even though without the extra ticket you are shorted on park hours and fireworks for that day. They shouldn’t have these events so frequently. It’s just way too difficult to plan and our annual trips will be Much less frequent because of these issues.

  4. Seems to me if they take extra magic hours also there is no need to stay on site.. they are making the “magic” that once was Disney disappear! Pricing keeps going up while value keeps going down. I stayed there 4 times this year as a non dvc guest which is extremely expensive but if they continue on this path… well.. they will be like an ordinary theme park. Disappointed that you have to pay for more time in the park as well as ticket prices for a day increasing for less time!!

  5. Hopefully, this is just a rumor. I enjoy
    evenings extra hours. Also, October is my favorite time at Disney. I also go to Disney for a vacation and not to have to Constantly get up at the crack of dawn. Staying on property/going to Disney is becoming less and less appealing with their nickel and diming tactics.

  6. Let’s hope this is a rumor. They have already driven the crowds to increase by adding all these not needed extra resorts. It’s becoming impossible to enjoy the parks. We look forward to the evening EMH when we can see the park and attractions in their splendor. Where you don’t see a bunch of people in the way. Plus with Galaxy Edge opening they need a buffer to put more people places.

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