SHOP: New Toy Story Pixar Toybox Figures, Loungefly Purses, Spirit Jersey, and More Available Now on shopDisney

With Toy Story 4 premiering soon, it’s time to start stocking up on merch, and shopDisney is here to deliver. The Spirit Jersey you all loved is finally in stock and available for purchase, but there are even more surprises in store, with a fully functioning Pizza Planet Space Crane game, and even some Loungefly purses in the mix! Check out the full collection that’s now available. (Of course, we had to start with the toys.) Click the item links to shop!

Pizza Planet Space Crane – Toy Story ($49.95)

We kind of had to start with this one just because it’s so amazing. We fell in love with the Space Crane purse and sipper earlier this year, but this is pretty much everything we’ve ever wanted. It’s a fully functional mini crane that runs on battery. Special edition, so don’t delay on getting this one. (It’s definitely bound to sell out fast.)

Woody Action Figure – Toy Story 4 – PIXAR Toybox ($12.95)

I’m not crying, you’re crying.

Bullseye Action Figure – Toy Story 4 – PIXAR Toybox ($12.95)




Buzz Lightyear Action Figure – Toy Story 4 – PIXAR Toybox ($12.95)

Bo Peep Action Figure – Toy Story 4 – PIXAR Toybox ($12.95)

They really didn’t do Bo any justice with these.

Jessie Action Figure – Toy Story 4 – PIXAR Toybox ($12.95)

Jessie, too… c’mon Toybox!

Toy Story Spirit Jersey for Adults ($59.95)

Here’s the Spirit Jersey everyone went crazy over when it was first previewed in Disney Store pamphlets. Contrary to what a lot of people were saying, this is actually a bona fide Spirit Jersey, complete with branded tag and everything. (That gives us hope that it won’t disintegrate in the wash, like most other shopDisney clothes do, unfortunately.)

Toy Story 4 Wallet by Loungefly ($34.95)

We weren’t expecting a Loungefly release for the movie, but now that we’ve seen it, we’re all for it.


Toy Story 4 Crossbody Bag by Loungefly ($69.95)

It’s the little details, like this cloud wallpaper interior fabric, that really does it for us.


Toy Story 4 Sock Set for Adults – 5 Pack ($29.95)

You’ve got a friend in socks.

Well, what do you think of this latest collection? Will you be adding some of these pieces to your collection?

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