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PHOTO REPORT: Animal Kingdom 4/15/19 (New Merchandise, Maintenance in Pandora, Plastic Trash Penguin, ETC.)

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It’s time for another photo report direct from Disney’s Animal Kingdom! Currently on display as you enter park is a giant Adelie penguin sculpture. It may seem like it’s just a reminder that the new Disneynature film “Penguins” is opening April 17th, but it’s also a reminder we need to take care of our planet.

Beach trash penguin

These kind of art installations are beautiful, but they really make you think. Since it is made of improperly discarded plastic trash, you can look closely and see many recognizable items. There are flip flops, lids from coolers, umbrella handles, and so much more.

Beach trash penguin

There’s even a doll house.

Beach trash penguin

At certain angles, this towering penguin sculpture looks very scary.

Trash penguin

We saw an animal exhibit sign covered by a tarp. Not really sure whether something is coming or going.

Animal kingdom photo report Sign

The pathway by Satu’li Canteen is getting a fresh coat of paint. We’ve been seeing small sections of ground getting redone over the past few months. It’s great to see them keep up with the ground in Pandora. It’s one of the most beautiful things in the park.

Pandora ground painting

Terra Treats no longer has any signage.

People watching gorillaTerra bites

This animal sign looks a little strange now. Well, it always looked a little strange, but the menu is gone now.

Terra bites sign

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vacationeer TopBarAD2020 v2

We saw a lot of people gathered around watching the gorillas. One of them was very active and guests were enjoying watching in such a peaceful area.

People watching gorilla


Drama Llama Shirt – $24.99

Fans of the Emperor’s New Groove will appreciate this new Kuzko shirt. This Drama Llama shirt was found in Discovery Trading Company.

People watching gorilla

Drama llama

Kingdom Consoles Rescue Rangers Pin – $17.99

Two new limited edition pins were also found in Discovery Trading Company. The fourth pin in the Kingdom Consoles monthly series was released. This limited edition 4000 pin looks like a video game console, playing Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers.

Rescue rangers pin

I Love Gaming A Goofy Movie Pin – $17.99

The I Love Gaming series also released a new pin. Max, Goofy, and Powerline from A Goofy Movie dance and “move” on this lenticular pin. It’s limited edition 1500 and exclusive to Walt Disney World.

A goofy movie pin

We found Nemo! The adorable Finding Nemo Sipper Cup is now available at drink stands near Finding Nemo the Musical.

Light up finding Nemo tumbler

We also stopped to check out a performance by Bollywood Beats. The dancers always have great energy.

Bollywood beats

It’s been a great day hanging out at Animal Kingdom. Thanks for joining us. As always, stay tuned to WDWNT for more park updates.