PHOTOS, VIDEO: Grapefruit Garage Officially Opens at Disney Springs

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After months of delays, re-namings, and yes, even more delays, the Grapefruit Garage at Disney Springs’ Marketplace area is finally open. The Grapefruit Garage the third parking garage to debut at Disney Springs and it includes a pedestrian bridge over Buena Vista Drive directly into the Marketplace area, right around where Basin and World of Disney is. The Grapefruit Garage provides additional parking for Disney Springs guests and Cast Members, located just across the street from the Lime Garage.

Grapefruit provides five levels of parking.

The garage is only accessible from eastbound Buena Vista Drive.

The bottom floor is very confusing, with lots of twists and turns. Electric Vehicle parking and charging ports are available on Level 3.

The same parking technology with the green and red lights is used here, so you know what’s available by just glancing down the aisle.

There’s a really convenient motorcycle parking area right at the very front of the first floor entrance.

The U-turn into the Lime Garage will be gone soon, but not yet. This is expected to drive up popularity for the Grapefruit Garage.

The walkway is on the third level and it takes approximately two minutes to get from the garage to Disney Springs.

All parking garage telephones in the garage immediately call 911 when picked up. Safety first at the Springs!

Check out this full walk-through of the garage as we take you across the pedestrian bridge and into Disney Springs:

We’re excited for the expanded parking at Disney Springs, but even more so for yet another contender to the heated Lime/Orange Garage preference debate. (We’ll have you know that WDWNT is strictly #OrangeGarage.)

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