BREAKING: Disney Security Phasing Out Loose Item Bins, Guests Now Walk Through Metal Detector with Belongings

If you’re a fan of the no bag line life, then your park hopping days are about to get easier.

Disney Security is phasing out bins at metal detectors, allowing guests to walk through with common items they may have inside their pockets, like phones, wallets, and keys. While talk of calibrating metal detectors to accept small metal items has gone around for years now, up until recently, guests still had to chuck their items into bins before passing through the metal detectors.

So far, we’ve seen this implemented at security checkpoints in the Contemporary Resort walkway, Magic Kingdom, Epcot, and Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

If you’re told to pass through a metal detector with a bag, that still has to go in a bin. Of course, if any items trigger the metal detector, you will have to go back through. Your mileage may vary with this, as some of our reporters have had to go back through due to errant FuelRods or belt buckles, while others have had success walking right on through with their keys and Trenta-sized Starbucks stainless steel tumblers in-hand.

These updated security measures all come as part of a resort-wide effort to improve guest traffic flow in and out of the parks, starting with widened, revamped entrances and expedited security screening protocols.