“No Biz Like Showbiz” Event Will Bring Glitz and Glamour to Disneyland Paris This Summer

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Transport yourself to the glittering world of Hollywood, with new experiences coming to the Walt Disney Studios Park in Disneyland Paris.

The “No Biz Like Showbiz” event will take place from May 21st through June 28th, and will see the arrival of all kinds of glitzy personalities taking to the streets of Hollywood Boulevard. You’ll spot rising stars and filmmakers with their clumsy assistants, preparing to set the cameras rolling in their bubble of fame and extravagance. And who knows – maybe you’ll be invited to join the cast?​

Not only that, but Push will be returning to Disneyland Paris! Everyone’s favourite talking litter bin will be doing the rounds, interacting with guests in a way only a trash can can. We’ve heard that Push is currently showing a solid determination to become a famous rap artist, so if you see him it may be worth asking for a demo and supporting him on his mission to find his groove.​

For guests longing to jump into stardom, this unique interactive park experience definitely sounds like a must-do. And don’t forget, this event will be coinciding with the park’s ‘Toy Story Playdays’ season – so there’s definitely a lot to see and do across the resort.

Make sure you stay tuned to WDWNT for the latest scoop on events across Disneyland Paris – there’s always something fun happening!

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big john
big john

finally some international citizens of hollywood lets hope they come to florida afterwards and i hope soon after that robo chapek doesnt cut them