PHOTOS: “Ears to America” Patriotic Merchandise Arrives at Mouse Gear in Epcot

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The stars and stripes have arrived at Walt Disney World, so summer can’t be far away. All-new apparel has debuted at Mouse Gear at Epcot and it’s perfect for celebrating the red, white and blue!

Patriotic Minnie Ears – $27.99

The Patriotic Minnie Ears are now available. The stars and stripes are sequins that shine in the light. “Land That I Love” is written on the side of the headband.

Red, White, and Blue Youth Spirit Jersey – $44.99

I really love this Spirit Jersey. Unfortunately, these Patriotic Spirit Jerseys are only available in youth sizes. They’re really pretty, so hopefully we’ll see an adult size soon.

Patriotic Youth Spirit Jersey

Patriotic Youth Spirit Jersey

The red and blue stars really look nice against the white Spirit Jersey. The cuffs have stripes, too.

Patriotic Youth Spirit Jersey

The American flag Mickey on the front has a bit of an iridescent coloring when you look closely. It’s pretty unique! Walt Disney World is also written in blue under Mickey.

The back of the Spirit Jersey says “Walt Disney World” in red, white and blue.

Patriotic Youth Spirit Jersey

Gray Walt Disney World 2019 Patriotic Mickey Tee – $24.99

Mickey stands against a stars and stripes printed 2019 on this comfortable gray shirt. The shirt says Walt Disney World under Mickey. He looks so cute in his American flag shorts. There’s even a stamp of the “Ears to America Land of the Free” in the background.

Walt Disney World gray tee patriotic 2019

2019 walt disney world patriotic gray tee

Patriotic Mickey Pocket Tank – $34.99

This tank is the perfect balance of red, white and blue. The bottom half of the tank is red and white striped, and the top portion is red with blue trim. Mickey stands out against the little blue pocket.

Patriotic Tank Mickey Pocket

The pocket is blue, with an American flag print Mickey silhouette. It also says “Walt Disney World” underneath him.

PAtriotic Mickey Pocket Tank

The back of the tank is solid red.

back of tank

Ears to America Pocket Tee – $34.99

This navy blue tee has a colorful “Ears to America” logo on the pocket. I really like this logo. “Land of the Free” and “EST. 1776” are written around Mickey.

Ears to America Pocket Tee

Mickey proudly presents the United States behind him.

Patriotic Mickey Pocket Tee

The back of the shirt has a pretty big design on it.

Patriotic USA Mickey Pocket Tee Back

The sleeve has an adorable patriotic Mickey.

sleeve details

Ears to America Bottle Opener Hat – $27.99

Another “Ears to You” piece has a dual purpose. Not only can you wear this hat, but you can open bottles.

Patriotic Ears to America Bottle Opener Hat

Check out the American flag Mickey bottle opener.

Patriotic Ears to America Bottle Opener Hat

Patriotic Ears to America Bottle Opener Hat

The back also says Walt Disney World on it.

Patriotic Ears to America Bottle Opener Hat

Stars and Stripes Minnie Top – $24.99

This top is a patchwork of patriotic prints.

Patriotic Youth Minnie Tee

And it has Minnie on it!

Patriotic Youth Minnie Tee

Obviously, the Minnie ears are my favorite. Will you be wearing any of these new patriotic pieces this summer? Let us know what you think!