The patriotic "Ears to America" Americana Minnie Ears

PHOTOS: New Americana Minnie Ears Salute The Red, White, and Blue at Epcot

America, America! New Minnie ears for thee! Check out the latest Minnie Ear headbands to hit the shelves at Epcot! These Americana Minnie Ears salute the red, white, and blue in sparkly Disney style.

The ears feature a blue satin base with red velvet lining, as well as a blue satin ear with contrasting silver stars. The other ear is white satin and has rows of red sequins. In the middle, a great big red sequin bow ties it all together.

We loved this other little touch. Embroidered on the side of the ears are the words “Land That I Love” in white thread.

Take it from someone who thinks most 4th of July stuff is tacky. These ears are very, very cute and a perfect way to show off your love for all things USA on your next Disney vacation or local cookout.

They’re available for $27.99 at Mouse Gear, but we’re sure they’ll be rolled out to other parks soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

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