PHOTOS: Every Puzzle, Plush, Instrument, and Plaything (with Prices) from Toydarian Toymaker in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

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Toydarian Toymaker is a jumbled shop, housing a variety of souvenirs for you so you don’t leave Black Spire empty-handed. Handcrafted toys and collectibles are available for purchase, made by none other than Zabaka the Toydarian.

Black Spire Outpost Map

The Toydarian Toymaker shop is part of the Merchant Row district, where you’re sure to find other items to bring home after your travels to the Galaxy’s Edge. This toy shop will be tucked between the Black Spire Outfitters and the Creature Stall. You’ll be sure to spot her shop from her cluttered storefront, featuring crates of supplies for her toys and latest projects, such as a tauntaun rocking horse.

Wooden Trinkets

Krayt Dragon – 3D Wood Model – $21.99

Wooden Stormtrooper Doll – $24.99

Wooden Frog-Dog – $17.99

Convor Whistle – $19.99

Wooden Music Box – $24.99

Wooden Rebel and Galactic Empire Character Spinners – $17.99


Dejarik Board Game – $49.99

Sabacc Card Game – $14.99

This was the card game played in Solo: A Star Wars Story. Note: winning this game does not guarantee that you win the Millennium Falcon.

Death Star Maze Game – $17.99

Jedi Holocron Puzzle Cube – $22.99

Plush Characters

Plush Yoda – $19.99

Plush Rey – $19.99

Plush Finn – $19.99

Plush Porg – $17.99

Plush Princess Leia – $19.99

Plush Lando Calrissian – $19.99

Plush Chewbacca – $19.99

Plush Kylo Ren – $19.99

Plush First Order Stormtrooper – $19.99

Plush Darth Vader – $19.99

Plush Ewok – $17.99

Plush Watto – $17.99

Plush Ahsoka Tano – $19.99

Plush Tooka Doll – $17.99

Plush Jabba the Hutt – $19.99


Ewok Drum – $29.99

Figrin D’An Instrument – $29.99

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You forgot the Convor from the title photo mosaic! How much is he?


Where’s the Sabacc cards???


Chance cubes? Sabacc?