PHOTOS: New Third Edition HippopottoMai-Tai Tiki Mug at Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto in Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

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Move over, ’cause there’s a new HippopottoMai-Tai mug at Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto! This is the third edition of this mug, with clear and turquoise editions preceding it.

Personally, we’re fans of the semi-matte ceramic glaze with etchings around the eyes.

The back proudly displays the logo.

(Do note that there’s no edition size or number listed on the bottom of the mug.)

The mugs cost $22 with the classic Mai-Tai included. Check out the effect that happens when you order it inside of the Grog Grotto:

Happy sipping, everyone! It’s five o’clock somewhere.

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I still love it when Tim comes around with his little baby hippo in tow as well. So much fun!