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PHOTOS: Raised Berm in Africa Flattened for Club 33 at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

We’re back at the Port of Harambe in Disney’s Animal Kingdom to check in on the current status of the upcoming Club 33 location, and things seem to be progressing rather quickly, with even more land cleared and the raised berm in Africa flattened to accommodate for further construction and development.

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Located in the vicinity of Festival of the Lion King (somewhere to the left of it on an elevated piece of land), the Club will be found on the walkway between Africa and Pandora.

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The location will be perched upon this hill, overlooking Africa with sights of the Tree of Life offered from afar.

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Last we checked, scrim-covered fencing was up bordering the entire area where the proposed club is set to be built, albeit with several feet of foliage still intact. Well, as you can see, even more foliage and trees have been cut down or cleared, and the fences have been moved further up.

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We tried peering in from underneath the fencing, but there’s a thick layer of fallen/dried out underbrush blocking any significant views. In any case, at least we know it’s all been demolished back there.

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Disney intends on having this Club 33 location open by year’s end.

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2 years ago

Is there REALLY that much of a demand to have more than one club 33? I mean they have recently built one in Adventureland. How many people can fork over the membership fee? Just curious.