PHOTOS: Security Moves to Friendship Boat Dock as Work Continues on Epcot’s International Gateway and Disney Skyliner Station

Last month, we showed you how there were some changes happening at Epcot’s International Gateway. As part of Disney’s strategy to improve all the park entrances, construction has been underway at this “back entrance” to Epcot’s World Showcase. With projects like this, you can always expect some changes to guest traffic patterns. Today, the construction walls expanded out a bit to make way for more changes, which necessitated the moving of the security checkpoint.

For the last month or so, security bag check had been here, under this awning. This space was originally the ticket booths and guest relations.

The Disney camoflage extends the length of the canopy. The entrance to the restrooms are on the left side, here. (They are thankfully still open.)

This is the path you’ll walk down as you come from the Epcot Resort area. The two white tents are a bag check and metal detector area.

This is a view from the other side. The bushes on the right are blocking guests from the Skyliner station construction, and the fence on the left is the Friendship Boat dock.

With security this far down, you do need to go through a checkpoint immediately as you exit the Friendship Boats now.

This is looking the opposite way, towards the park entrance. It’s quite the maze.

This is a view from the bridge to Disney’s Boardwalk Resort.

…and this is the view from inside Epcot, in the France Pavilion.

With the original guest relations booth blocked off, a temporary one has been erected just outside the security envelope.

Here’s an aerial view if you’re having trouble picturing the layout. The red areas are construction zones that are currently blocked from guests. The blue square is where the security checkpoint currently is, with the green square being the temporary park entrance.

Hopefully this construction doesn’t take too long, as it’s kind of a mess over there right now. I’m sure it will be wonderful once the Skyliner is open and the new bag check is finished, but as of now it’s not a pretty sight. We’ll keep you updated as they make progress!

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  1. Henry you should not be publishing photos of the security check points . That is what keeps people safe at Disney .

  2. Unfortunately, with all of these changes, anyone coming from the Epcot resort area must now walk directly through the smoking area outside the entrance. No way to go around it. Not a great way to welcome customers.

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