PHOTOS, VIDEO: New “Rivers of Light: We Are One” Show Debuts at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

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Namaste! The newly revamped, character-based version of Rivers of Light, “Rivers of Light: We Are One” debuted early tonight in a special Annual Passholder preview.

“Rivers of Light: We Are One” is the next chapter of this beautiful nighttime pageant, filled with stunning imagery and familiar animal characters from Disneynature films, along with a colorful tapestry of classic moments from Disney animated classics like The Lion King, Bambi, and Brother Bear.

We were there to bring you the full show in all its brilliance.

The ambiance at Discovery River Amphitheater was serene and mystical as always, with the lotuses out.

The lotus water fountain sequence remains from the old version of Rivers of Light.

However, the soundtrack included classic songs from Pocahontas, Tarzan, The Jungle Book and more! There’s a good amount of new music in the show, which was very enjoyable.

Check out our full video of the nighttime water and projection spectacular below!

“Rivers of Light: We Are One” officially debuts tomorrow at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. The show lasts approximately 15 minutes, and the showtimes are as follows:

Sunday – Thursday at 9:00pm
Friday & Saturday at 9:00 & 10:00pm

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I think you forgot to include the video that you mention at the end (Check out our full video of the nighttime water and projection spectacular below!) and if you did include it, something must have gone wrong with the coding.

Xander Cornelius Moy
Xander Cornelius Moy

R.i.p. Rivers of Light.