REVIEW: 30th Anniversary Lightsaber Churros at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

It’s the 30th Anniversary of Disney’s Hollywood Studios and there’s a plethora of snacks around the park, including Lightsaber Churros over by Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster. We tried the two churros they had available (red and blue) so you won’t have to. Seriously, don’t get these. Read (and eat) at your own risk…

We refused the chocolate sauce this time around, but even if we had opted for it, it still wouldn’t have been enough to save these sad, sad churros.

While the two colors taste the same (i.e. bad), we found that the blue flavor did have a hint of more cinnamon in it.

The first bite was extra hard and rubbery, and things didn’t improve as we went through the churro. They’re tasteless, endlessly chewy, and taste extremely stale. That being said, save your $7.25 and try out any one of the other treats out for the anniversary.