REVIEW: New Flamingo Cupcake at Creature Comforts in Disney’s Animal Kingdom

creature comforts flamingo cupcake
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Springtime is in full swing at the Walt Disney World Resort, and with that comes new seasonal treats rolling into locations across property. On a recent visit to Disney’s Animal Kingdom, I stopped by Creature Comforts to get one of those sweet (free!) venti cups of water, and ended up stumbling across this new Flamingo Cupcake!

creature comforts flamingo cupcake

When I asked the Cast Member what kind of cake this was and what was inside it, it was described to me as a yellow cake with buttercream frosting, filled with lemon custard and topped with marshmallow flamingos.

creature comforts flamingo cupcake

creature comforts flamingo cupcake

Okay. So… it definitely was a yellow cake with buttercream frosting, that part was accurate. However, to my surprise when I cut into the cake expecting lemon custard, I was greeted with this pink filling instead, which turned out to be raspberry-flavored. I think the pink raspberry filling makes more sense inside a flamingo themed cupcake, though, anyway.

creature comforts flamingo cupcake

Oh, and those “marshmallow” flamingos? Definitely ended up being solid white chocolate. This misinformation is something to keep in mind when you’re getting treats at Disney, you can never be 100% sure what to expect. (If you have allergies, always disclose that and ask to speak with a chef or a leader to be sure you’re safe!)

creature comforts flamingo cupcake

Overall, this isn’t a cupcake I would recommend or get again. While the raspberry filling was really good, there wasn’t enough of it to offset the dryness of the cake. The white chocolate flamingos were too much chocolate and I could only handle one small bite of one of their legs before it became too much of a good thing. The buttercream was definitely gorgeous with its blue swirls, but again, there just wasn’t enough of it to counteract the dry cake base.

creature comforts flamingo cupcake

If you’d like to try this cupcake for yourself, you can find it at Creature Comforts in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, priced at $5.99.

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