Loaded Onions rings with cheese, bacon, and scallions

REVIEW: Loaded Onion Rings Settle in to Frontierland’s Golden Oak Outpost at the Magic Kingdom

We were making our way down the dusty trails of Frontierland when we noticed the Golden Oak Outpost has changed their menu. We couldn’t continue our travels without trying the new Loaded Onion Rings.

Loaded Onion Rings with Cheese, Bacon, and scallions

The unique offerings from the menu have been removed and replaced with chicken breast nuggets, turkey legs, and loaded onion rings. We can assume the switch from cauliflower to turkey legs is to help satisfy the crowds while Tortuga Tavern is under refurbishment. And if Pecos Bill’s is too crowded, this might be an alternative right outside.

Golden Oak Outpost Updated Menu

Loaded Onion Rings with cheese, scallions, and bacon

The loaded onion rings come in two options, although the choices weren’t actually listed on the menu. You can have chili cheese onion rings or bacon cheese onion rings. They’re $6.99 each, so I went with the bacon and cheese option. Although it wasn’t the most appealing presentation, I decided not to judge them too harshly before trying them.

Loaded Onions rings with cheese, bacon, and scallions

These are so much better than I expected. The onion rings were very crispy, but not overcooked. When you bite into the onion rings, there is a nice crunch, and the onions aren’t soggy. They also don’t pull out of the coating like some failure onion rings I’ve experienced. They were really nice, and I’d definitely order them again.

Loaded Onion Rings with cheese sauce, scallion, and bacon bits

I would have liked a little more cheese, but maybe the reason for the lack of cheese sauce is to help keep the onion rings crispy. The scallions and bacon added a nice additional flavor with the cheese on the onion rings. I would have liked some sour cream, though. Not suggesting anything, but Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Café is close by with a nice toppings bar.

Bacon, cheese, and scallion loaded onion rings

This isn’t really a portion size you could share, but it is a tasty snack to grab on the go. These onion rings are definitely worth a stop at the Golden Oak Outpost next time you’re in Frontierland.