Lemon Sorbet in front of Pinocchio Village Haus

REVIEW: New Lemon Sorbet and Chocolate Gelato at Pinocchio Village Haus in the Magic Kingdom

It was a hot day at the Magic Kingdom, so we were thankful to find some refreshing new treats have been added to the menu at Pinocchio Village Haus. Signs by the register advertise the new Lemon Sorbet or Chocolate Gelato for $3.99 each. It’s ridiculously warm out, so why not try both?

Pinocchio Village Haus Lemon Sorbet and Chocolate Gelato Sign

Expectations versus reality. I wanted to laugh when I was handed the two cups. The lemon sorbet comes in the larger, more generic-looking cup. The double chocolate gelato is served in a much smaller cup, but it’s red with white polka dots. I’m pretty positive this is also a generic cup that just coincidently resembles Minnie’s skirt. This looks like the kind of dessert you get excited over when you’re in elementary school.

Lemon Sorbet served in a generic looking cup with swirls and a lid. Chocolate Gelato served in smaller polka dot cup with a lid
This presentation looks like something served in school.

The lids contain ingredient information

Lemon No Sugar Added Italian Sorbet – $3.99

The Lemon Sorbet is icy and tart. It was melting fast in the Florida heat, but it made it easier to eat. It tasted similar to a frozen lemonade slush, but not as sweet. It’s a nice-sized portion, and much easier to eat than the lemon ice served at the outdoor carts.

Lemon Sorbet in a generic container held in front of the Pinocchio Village Haus sign
This packaging is far from Intagram-worthy.

The sour and sweet lemon flavor is very strong. As much as I wanted to keep eating this for the cool refreshment, it really was too tart to keep eating. The first few bites were good, and then it just got to be overpowering. But I would share one with someone just for a bite or two. For the price of $3.99, this is a good deal at the Magic Kingdom. You can’t complain too much.

Lemon Sorbet in front of Pinocchio Village Haus
I guess this looks better

Double Chocolate Gelato – $3.99

The Double Chocolate Gelato is rich and creamy. Even as it was melting, it still maintained a thick consistency. Like the name says, this is definitely double chocolate. And it’s so good.

Pinocchio Village Haus Chocolate Gelato in front of the entrance

The chocolate gelato may come in a smaller serving size, but it’s totally worth the money. This was easy to finish on my own, and I would definitely stop in and grab another one the next time I’m in Fantasyland. The chocolate flavor is delicious.

Chocolate Gelato in front of Pinocchio Village Haus

Although they don’t really impress with their looks, they do taste much better than expected.

Pinocchio Village Haus Lemon Sorbet and Chocolate Gelato

Pinocchio Village Haus Lemon Sorbet and Chocolate Gelato

It’s always nice to see more snack options around the parks. Will you be giving either of these desserts a try?