REVIEW: Mickey Celebration Donut at The Lunching Pad in the Magic Kingdom

The Lunching Pad last came at us with a savory option in the form of a new carved roast beef sandwich, but this week, it’s treat time. We’re talking new sundaes at The Plaza Ice Cream Parlor, a new Tangled Eclair at Pinocchio Village Haus, and the new Mickey Celebration Donut, right here at The Lunching Pad.

The Mickey Celebration Donut is a yeasted donut with your choice of strawberry, vanilla, or chocolate frosting with sprinkles. It costs $8.99…

And it’s so large, it comes in a personal-sized pizza box.

Just look at that monster peeking out at you.

We got all three flavors for the purposes of this review.

We’ll start with our overall thoughts. The donuts pretty much taste exactly like the donuts sold at Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea carts. They’re all very soft and fresh, and easily shareable amongst a group or family. Grab a Starbucks coffee while you’re heading in, and make a beeline straight for these donuts for a classic breakfast in Tomorrowland.

The strawberry-flavored donut tastes fresh and surprisingly not too artificial.

The chocolate was okay, but still rather standard.

Vanilla was actually the most plain of all, but if you tend to like vanilla glazed donuts, you’ll be happy to know that it isn’t too cloyingly sweet.

Overall, strawberry was our favorite of the bunch, but you can’t go wrong with any of these depending on what your favorite flavor is. These are dense, hearty donuts with plenty of thick icing, so make sure you grab enough napkins, because it’s gonna get messy. In any case, you’re going to get a whole lot of donut for your buck.

The Mickey Celebration Donut is available through June at this location and at the Cheshire Cafe, as well!

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Ken bayard
Ken bayard
1 year ago

Are the donuts tree nut safe?